What We Know of the 3.4 Patch Notes

Keits has been teasing a few details on twitter, so I figured I’d help the forums keep up with this topic.

What we know so far:
-Sadira’s getting a new combo trait
-TJ’s shoot toss damage bug will be fixed, greatly buffing its damage in neutral
-Eyedol has a page and a half of changes
-Gargos’ light reckoning in the air will have less range/distance, making it harder for him to run away


Hmmmmmmm…not sure how I feel about that.

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It’s good.


Might be for you. But I am unsure for myself.


-TJ’s shoot toss damage bug will be fixed, greatly buffing its damage in neutral


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What’s the damage supposed to be on a raw shoot toss?

From what I’ve heard, about 8-12%.

It does like 2% right now lol

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It does 14 so almost 5%.

This is actually a pretty big development to learn about as a TJ player. Alot of my losses are very close, and that would put me over the top since I use it very frequently.

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Thank god Gargos is getting some nerfs becasue his aerial game is just too strong.

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14 damage is 3.8%, which is pretty low. They said it was a bug anyway, they accidentally applied the wrong number to the neutral version of shoot toss when they wanted it only to the in-combo version.

Makes sense. Hasn’t this bug been persisting for a while though?

Hey yo Gargos. Come here a sec. I just wanna talk is all.


I hope they address the Aganos bug where he keeps travelling after hitting someone with shadow ruin. This leads to situations where the opponent gets up off the ground, right next to Aganos and can punish him for hitting the opponent with shadow ruin.

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That Kim Wu Shadow Ruin punish though Kreygasm

Dude, the damaging resets will be so real. TJ is going to be even more gross. I didn’t even know that was a bug, to be honest. Seeing you play too, people aren’t ready for Shoot toss lol

I never knew about it either…I must say that I’ve been humbled. Went 0 and 20 against another TJ 2 days ago…Yikes! I’m just another struggling player…Lol.

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Very good.

Hopefully that reckoning distance nerf isn’t too bad…

Bonus character ??? Shadow orchid ?