What pop cultures shall join KI?

Jago and Shadow Jago are pretty much dr.jeykll and mr.hyde

You also got Planet of the Apes & King Kong, we got Riptor with vibes of Jurassic Park/World & Godzilla, so why not an ape/monkey-type character to join in? Since both got vibes of Primal Rage.

Another Alien…

.>.> :rolling_eyes:

I find it interesting how ripping off characters is perfectly fine but if we get the actual characters as guests everyone gets upset.


I think the thing is if it’s a trope/ripoff, the idea belongs to KI and can be used freely in future games. However guests tend to be a single game only, so for example if you got attached to Link in Soul Calibur 2 or Kratos in MK9 and wanted to see them return in sequels because you have already spent time with these characters and have grown accustom to their play styles you’re pretty much S.O.L.

If we’re talking monsters, a Frankenstein could be cool. Ultratech made Ben Ferris in to Cinder after all.

I’d also say:

Pop Culture: UFC

Character-MMA Fighter-Could be s rival for TJ. A sort of Conor McGregor type.

Pop Culture: Kung Fu movies
-Character- Wise Sage type like Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol 2.

Pop Culture: Demon Hunter movies
-Character-Gadget/weapon type like Van Helsing or Hansel and Gretel or The Last Witch a Hunter.

Pop Culture: Zombies
-Character-Really any type of unique amalgamation of ideas from The Walking Dead, Resident Evil and any of the other places we could find this idea.

Yes that’s usually the case but I suspect more of ban wagon situation… like that no-gluten thing.

I get what you’re saying, but you’re talking to the wrong person with the no gluten example…my daughter can’t eat wheat, it tears up her stomach…so the no gluten trend is actually helping her find more dietary options that weren’t present before.

I suppose you could say the same about guest characters…it’s giving people that normally don’t digest fighting games more options to find something they will.

…also, I know the biggest offender of this is MK…but honestly the way they’ve been throwing every possible movie monster they can find my guess is they’re gauging interest in a possible movie monster fighting game spinoff similar to how MK vs DC became Injustice.

The MKX guest interestingly enough was discussed often in MK fan groups and forums alongside Tremor and Tanya, long before MKX was even announced. Honestly I don’t think there’s a grand scheme going on, more likely they just research/watch the fans.

Anyone else got pop cultures to bring into KI? Anything from the comics?

A music person.

Like which?

I dunno, Anyone, the power of music.

How about Michael Jackson?

MK’s Rain was inspired by Prince.

I don’t know. IG can think of that.

Hello!? Did you forget about ARIA!? She uses sound-waves as projectiles, and both her name and the names of her special moves are all musical terms. She’s all about the drama at the opera.

Furthermore, Hisako already represents 2 major Japanese pop music groups with 2 of her accessory sets (the 1 with the white mask and the other with the pink ribbon).

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Yeah…that is true. I actually pictured her sitting at her desk with some tunes on. One of the reasons I wanted a “jukebox” in game in her office. I would love that.

Well scratch the music person then. I have everyone I want at this point.

Just gonna slide this in…

Greek Mythology in the form of a Gorgon (ex. Medusa)

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I like this idea, but I think I’d rather see them summoned by a necromancer type character rather than just random zombies, considering zombies have little motivation to fight other than "groan, braaains. "

Then again, what am I talking about, they have a freaking velociraptor up in here, carry on.

Thunder, Jago, and Kim Wu are definitely the Super Hero trope so Idk how anyone missed that.

If you wanna find a missing trope its the Yeti/Ape fighter and if IG really loves me they can just put a character in the game that resembles Godzilla by +80%, man sized Godzilla fighter yup.

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