What pop cultures shall join KI?

There’s a lot of pop cultures to join in.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Hunger Games
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Hellboy
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Frankenstein
  • Tokusatsu - Power Rangers/Kamen Rider/Ultraman
  • Various Marvel & DC
  • He-Man & the Masters of the Universe/She-Ra
  • Image Comics: WildC.A.T.S., Savage Dragon, Spawn, etc.

Definitely a Tokusatsu.


Men in Black
Star Wars
Buck Rodgers
Inspector Gadget
Night of Lepus
Parasyte/ The Thing

I wouldn’t mind a wizard. Or a blob.

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A Mantis Shrimp.

That, to me, seems way too specific.

A fully armored Samurai, mask and all.

Planet of the Apes
The Mist
Little Shop of Horrors

A Mantis Shrimp named Big Willy Gank

We need a gunslinger, maybe Roland Deschain?



Mejis Roland, or more Calla Bryn Sturgis Roland? Or even more in the middle… Battle of Jericho Hill Roland?

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I’d go with Calla Burn Sturgis, he’s so rustic and worn. It builds such an interesting character. Also, it’s good to see another follower of the beam. Long days and pleasant nights.

A crazy time traveler.

I’m thinking a cross of Rip Hunter and Rick Sanchez from “Rick and Morty”.

Now that I think about it, we are missing a the Superhero Troupe aren’t we?

We still need a Space Marine.
Though that might be hard to fill.

I would love to see a char that is possessed like a certain Guilty Gear char or a Jeckyl/Hyde char

Not exactly pop culture more like monsters/mythologies from different countries.

Monkey King

Nine Tailed Fox

Samurai: Was hoping real boy Omen would be this Samurai, he has the mask.


Shark Monster

Super Hero: Hero’s are in pop culture, why not in KI? Capcom did it right.

Cool Guy: Every Fighting game has one.


Kinda…I mean there’s several in the cast takes inspiration from the Avengers…you got Fulgore’s Unibeam, Sadira’s web slinging, Tusk might as well be Thor with a sword, Aria’s a girl Ultron…need I go on? Not that I’m bashing on a purely superhero trope, it’d be neat.

Anyway…for another good trope, how about LOTR-style archer elf? Could be pretty neat as well.


He should be able to interact with the ceiling and the walls. He could climb the ceiling and hang on to the walls or something like that.


Zombie craze is declining a bit. But if we’re going to go back to classic monsters, a zombie would be cool.