What kinds of new mechanics and character types should we see in season 3?

Seems like season 2 introduced some pretty bizarre character types, I have a feeling season 3 won’t be any different so I want to know what crazy mechanics and character types would you like to see in season 3? The crazier the better, things that would really change up gameplay! I’d like to see some crazy things myself…

Such as Eyedol being unable to BLOCK at all. Give him armor and just make him a freakin’ tank! Truly the Juggernaut of KI as he should be! Make him have to rush you to stay alive, no defense at all! To combat projectile spammers, give him his projectile deflection tool with his weapon! Since he’s going to take so much damage, maybe give him his goat-stomp during instinct to recharge a little between attacks!

Gargos should be able to fly, straight up the power of flight. Omen kind of had something going on and ARIA can hover, make Gargos the end all of flying characters, let me spread his wings and rain down death from above!

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I want a character with an instinct that is not a “power up” but instead is an actual move (like sf4’s ultra combos)


That would be pretty awesome actually, a one time use super move when instinct is filled.

To take it even further… Have all characters have this “ultra move”. To balance it, it’ll cost all of your instinct (though only when you have 50% or more) plus a bar but deals massive damage.

Hopefully if they sort out this camera issue that is preventing them from doing Ultimates, they’ll be able to do more angular cinematic ultra combos that more resemble super moves.

I like the fact that Instincts are more utility focused. Really dont want another SF4 ultras situation in another game.

Just make all ultimates from every character work on all stages and i’ll be very happy (i guess everyone will). Not only at shago and season 3 stages but ultimates shall work everywhere once one fighter is going down. In my opinion, they shall focus all their efforts on the ultimate combo mechanics. And somehow, remap/revamp/remake the old stages to make ultimate combos really worthy.

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Air combos. If you look at the rare replay videos Ken lob talks about air combos in the original game and there was even air combo breakers in KI2. Seems like a natural progression to add air combos.

Now that would be amazing.

You mean something like MK VS DC? :open_mouth:

I like the idea of the Air Combos a lot, it’s something I’ve been asking for since S1 Sadira. If there was never a point where you were safer just because you pressed up, I would be so much happier with this game.

I think an easy solution for the Ultimates would be to turn the entire background black with the shadow effect, and then have the stage reappear after the Ultimate is over.

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If they can’t fix the original issue so you can do them on all stages, I would totally be down for this. Really hoping for Ultimates and No Mercys as well hopefully!

I’d like two types of instinct per character to add depth

Air Doubles for Kim Wu. Having Air Doubles could lead to things like Recap Split Linkers and Air Enders. It’s perfect.


I don’t like this idea. Seems cheap and something MK already does.

I absolutely despise this idea. SFIV Ultras are just bad design.

My impression is that it’s not so much an “issue” as the work simply hasn’t been done to facilitate that stuff.

Well it is and it isn’t.

They made one ultimate and the camera angles are tied to Shadow Tiger’s lair and that’s why they can’t do the ultimate on any other stage. So you’re right they just haven’t been able to do the work to make it function properly but at the same time, the issue is Double Helix teased an Ultimate and were pulled from the game without being able to finish the job. Hopefully Iron Galaxy gets the time and funding to do it properly this season.

I’m just saying that I’d prefer this to none at all. (Assuming your referring to the black background)

I’d rather they just add the extra space in the air for each stage so the ultimate could work and air combos could be a thing.

Seems like a bit of work, but each character could have a stage dependent Ultimate.