Could a character who can't block actually work? (Eyedol suggestion)

I had posted another topic and in it I suggested a crazy idea of making a character who can’t block, like at all. I had discussed this with a very good friend of mine who lives and breathes fighting games (much more than I do) and he loved the idea but I wanted to know if such a thing as viable, or if it could be fun.

When I posted the idea of making Eyedol (or any character I guess) I thought he could completely and utterly unable to defend himself by blocking. He could have armor like Juggernaut in the Marvel games and just be a complete offensive built tank of a character. To combat projectiles he could retain his classic fireball bounce-back reflection move to protect himself at range as well as his signature leap-smash to close the gap quickly.

For instinct he could maybe gain additional armor, or some other Juggernaut/Zangief “power-up” berserk mode that lets him do some crazy stuff including his classic goat stomp to regen some health if he’s left interrupted. Maybe his stomp could be his taunt but only in instinct it grants health regen?

Is this idea even feasible? I’d love to see Eyedol break the mold and do something really aggressive and powerful in season 3, something that just makes him a force to be feared. Not being able to block surely would mix up his gameplay, being forced to fight all the time. No repeats of EVO, trying to lame out the clock for him.

Sounds better as a non playable boss character. Im sure he would either be really good or really bad

I don’t know. On one hand it’s ok if you’re using close combat cause ya know he probably won’t flinch to make up for not being able to block. But if you can just zone him. It’d Glacius and Fulgore a nightmare to fight.

Sounds good, but some characters can take advantage easily.

If you can’t block, Aganos will wall-crash you a lot, you can’t block Cinder Pyrobombs(they can’t be deflected), Eyedol should be big, and maybe jumping over shadow fireballs(maybe these can’t be reflected) would be difficult and in some cases that’s letal(spinal steals your instinct, Jago in instinct steals your life), Kan-Ra’s sand spike can’t be reflected and you would eat all of them, cause jumping could be fatal(recaptures, swarms, command grab)…

It’s a fun idea to play with. Ultimately, I think it could work, but it would be pretty tricky in the context of KI as it exists right now. The problem is that so many characters have multi-hit moves and block strings that can go through armor. Looking at Aganos, blocking is still a big part of his game. So the non-blocking character would have to be much faster and have high priority moves. But you also will need to worry a lot about punishes - because any whiffed move, no matter how fast the recvovery, is going to be punishable because he can’t block. If it was any other game, you could just have him absorb the hit and walk through it, but then no one can start a combo against him. It just makes things tricky.

I think a non-blocking character actually works better as a concept for someone small who jumps around a lot and avoids getting hit, rather than a big tank of a character like Eyedol.

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I guess it could work people on ranked don’t block on wake up anyway lol

I find it strange to think that you could envision Eyedol, a character notorious for blocking goddamn everything and not even having to choose to block high or low in his classic conception, as a character who is unable to block at all.

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Mmm, I see a freudian trauma there…

I’m trying to reconcile what kind of defense a non-blocking character would have. You can’t really have counters or armor, because those qualities have already been taken by other characters (Hisako and Aganos, respectively). So, what else is there?

Well, Glacius has armor for his instinct, so I don’t think any specific move or trait has to be restricted to only one character. Especially as the roster grows it’s bound to happen.

Armor could work I suppose. What worries me are the fireball teleport setups some characters have.

Parry, of course

Maybe give him a move like 3x punches to do a berserk move that makes him flash red and gives him temporary armor. So he’s not just a tank that can’t be comboed.

Could Metal Zangeif work???

I think so.


Parry = counter.

They’re 1 and the same.

Not necessarily. People refer to hisakos parries as counter but a counter is actually when you hit a character when he is attacking too. Or in hisakos case every naginata hit with full wrath meter will count as a counter.

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Exactly. A counter leads to a hit(Dudley counter in SF3/IV) or to a combo(Hisako)
A parry leads to frame advantage were you can give your punish of choice. A normal, an special move, a command grab, a normal grab… In SF parries also give you meter, so a parry in KI could give you instinct, shadow meter, or even special unique meters. Even heal you! Possibilities!

There’s confusion here because “counter” can be used in the vernacular to refer to a “counter hit” where your hit interrupts someone’s move in progress, or to what I think can be more accurately called a “catch counter” which is what Hisako has - a move that “catches” the opponent’s move and then responds with a hit. A parry, in SF 3 or in Soul Calibur (I can’t remember what they call it in that series) usually is a move that blocks/deflects/absorbs another characters hit and then leaves you in a position of advantage. But people tend to use them interchangeably because we are often not that precise in our language. You might also call what Hisako does a “reversal.”