What kinds of new mechanics and character types should we see in season 3?

Yea I agree completely, I prefer having the stage present in the background during the ultimate than a black background. But I prefer a black background being present during the ultimate than just not having the ultimate at all.

This I don’t agree with. I don’t really like the idea of air combos, but I see where you’re coming from.

Air combos would be ok, but they can’t be on no marvel level. Simple combos, but with the same mind tricks in play. In KI2 TJ had a small air combo where he catches u with the knee and punch u down to the ground, and the person bounces back up and he follows up with another punch bringing u back to the ground. Simple air combos like that I like. Also I miss the hurt sounds during the ultra.

If there’s one thing KI needs in Season 3 it’s ultimates, this has long been requested since season 1.

Honestly if we don’t get them I’ll be crushed, they NEED to make it in. We’ve waited this long.

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What If:
They create Ultimates And No Mercy (Two Things)

Ultimates are like a SFIV Ultra: uses the Full Instinct Bar and 2 Shadow Meters, but make a Extremely Powerful Atack
No Mercy: Like a Fatality in MK: Finish the enemy with a Fatal Attack

No more gimmicky characters please

Nah i dont think they should add even more crazy mechanics it will risk the game becoming too complicated the good thing about the game is its simplicity maybe a couple of small new additions is whats needed

I’m guessing we will continue to see the additional of some complicated and some more simple characters. There’s no way to add 8 more “simple” characters to the game and provide any sort of decent variety. But Rash is pretty simple so I think there will be something to satisfy everyone.

I do think there is room for some more interesting uses of Instinct, but I don’t think a SF IV style Ultra Moves is a great idea. I’m not really a fan of them in SF IV and generally don’t like anything that’s such a blatant “comeback” mechanic (even though I use them like crazy).

Couple of ideas i had though not sure they would really work

Ultra breakers like in Ki 2

Fifth hidden ender that combines attributes of two of there normal enders but can only be done at a certain point such as after a counter breaker though i admit that probably would not be easy adding for existing characters but perhaps with one of the new characters they could do that

That is what makes characters in this game, you KNOW that each and every one of them will have a gimmick.

Sorry, but I can’t agree with your posts here. We have Sadira, Cinder, and Omen who have aerial based mechanics, with Aria in a more minor role. It feels like you want KI to closely imitate MVC, and I can’t get behind that whatsoever. They are two very different games, each with their own style, and I don’t think they need to be mixed in any way.

Yeah, I always like the 5th ender idea. Or rather, the idea of unlocking the ability to do that ender by doing all of the other character’s enders in a match. I think that they could put some cool, flashy ideas together for the characters. Kinda feel like some of the older characters could use that a bit.

As for the instinct meter idea, I don’t think I’d want a meter eating super move. Street Fighter does that, MVC does that, Mortal Kombat does that with their X-Rays… Not sure KI needs to be on the bandwagon as well for a variety of reasons that I won’t go in to. I’ll just say that I’m not a huge fan of a comeback mechanic like that.

Now, I’ve seen people post something along the lines of giving characters a 2nd instinct ability that you can choose from prior to the match, and I kinda like that idea.

So let’s say Sabrewulf’s could be, I dunno… Increased attack power/feral cancels for one and fire bat projectile/fire bats tacked on to all enders for more damage. The trick would obviously be having to balance the ideas so one instinct isn’t way better than the other, but either way, this is an idea that’d work for me.

I think it would be OK without the two Instincts being balanced against each other, so long as they both supported a particular playstyle.

For example, if we look at Thunder’s instinct - the spirit dash allows you to go through projectiles and opponents, but an alternative Instinct could cause the Call Of Sky move to bounce the opponent towards Thunder and cause a hard knockdown, instead of improving his dash.

The bounce would likely be stronger against zoners, as it could bring Kan-Ra to the wrong side of his traps, rather than Thunder needing to work his way past them. Since it removes the dash bonuses, this is a significant change to his play style, but gives two different options of how you want to play.

Yeah I guess “better” might not have been the right word. Useful? Perhaps. I mean if one is so useful to all types of play styles that it makes the other instinct look borderline useless in comparison, then that would be poorly balanced, IMO.

That’s why you fill the screen with the same effect that is released when characters are doing Shadow Moves. It’s an extension of Gargos’ influence on these characters

I always thaught that every character beguinning with a weapon or accesory would be cool.
your target would be to disarm opponent. so different commands when you have weapon and when you are empty hand. characters like wulf might have an accesory instead.

I don’t think the game needs any sort of new mechanics. We don’t need anymore crazy stuff that would infer more people to quit the game because of the game changing to much from season to season. The only real thing I would like to see though that wouldn’t be too crazy is a way to spend both Shadow Meters on one super ability for each character and a empowered up version of an existing ability.


I agree we should just keep it the same, not even add supers for the cost of two meters. KI’s all about breakable combos and adding big damaging moves really isn’t like KI

please no SF4/5 Ultra type moves…SOOOO boring. its ok for for a couple characters to have some form of super move but it should be treated like a rare special move (ie. fulgore’s iron man beam, omen’s shadow grab thing). not an actual true super move.

what about juggles???