What Killer Instinct character would you be for the rest of your life?

For complete randomness, what Killer Instinct character would you be for the rest of your life?

This excludes Guest characters (Arbiter, Rash, General RAAM etc.)

I would be Riptor, because ■■■■ it, I wanna be a dinosaur.

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Shadow Jago.

I like the way you think haha

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Thanks. :sunglasses:

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You guys can go under Gargos, torment Jago all you like haha


Fulgore because infinite energy. I can produce free electricity.

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Since several characters seem to undergo a great deal of pain at various times, like TJ getting his metal implants / getting them removed, Kan Ra being torched, Cinder getting changed in to a human torch, Jago being corrupted and having to expel Omen, Maya’s sister issues, Sabrewulf’s addiction, Orchid’s loss of her father,Thunder seemingly losing his brother, then you have things like ARIA and Fulgore, which don’t seem to have anything resembling real humanity…

Would I be crazy to say Kim Wu? She may have a huge destiny, but she seems pretty okay with it. Also seems pretty well adjusted.


Jago hands down. I admire his iron will and spirit, his martial arts are awesome, and I was born on the year of the Tiger (one of favorite animals).

Plus I get a sick as heck tattoo.

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Do I have to live through what they have, or do I just transform into them after I say my answer?

If so, maybe Spinal? I would be immortal, I can teleport, I can summon giant skull arms to do things for me, like move heavy objects, slam mfers into the pavement, plus I would never have to worry about getting sicknesses, losing limbs etc. since he can seemingly just reform himself even if he falls apart into a pile of bones.

Or Gargos. I could fly, I could open portals to take me anywhere I want whenever I want, or if I am in the car and really need to pee and can’t hold it I could open a portal and pee through it (same applies to if I have a little too much to drink after a night out and need to get sick lol) or if I am feeling lazy I could open a portal from my living room to the pizza place or bar and just stick my arm through and grab a pizza or a nice glass of bourbon on the rocks lol there is just so much you can do with those portal powers. I could summon little demons to do whatever, plus I would look f****** awesome!!! :smiling_imp:

I think I’d pass. All the characters in the game have pretty effed up backstories.


I’m with this fella, and not just the backstories. I’m not saying my whole life has been a platter of cakes and teas, but yo their lives suck, full stop. I would hate to have to live as any of them.

At the very least, there are always several people (or freakin’ MONSTERS) trying to kill any given one of them. Right now, on the daily, I have zero entities of any sort actively trying to end my life, and I like it that way.

LOWTI3RGOD…Nah just kidding probs Thunder


Is it like… a convertible without doors… or passenger seats… or seats… Those wings, though. How?

EDIT: Gargos driving because he’s too lazy to fly but too swag-as-all-get-out to portal around. I’m loving this mental image.

I like the idea of being immortal, so Tusk.

Orchid, cause I always wondered how is like to be a girl, and I want to be hot


Lmaoooo I forgot about the wings when typing that part :sweat_smile:

Come to think of it, picturing Gargos driving in a car would look hilarious. Now just put him in a dress suit with a briefcase heading to work and its perfect

Right? He’s all dapper and gentlemanly, cruising what used to be a very nice Mercedes until he did away the doors and interior. Probably kept the driver seat, just tore the backrest off so it’s just a cushion now.

That’s the entirety of the interior of Gargos’ '64 Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda - one seat cushion.

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Living forever in relative solitude on the vast beautiful oceans, until I personally decide to get into trouble? Yes please.


Even though I’m a dude, I’d say Kim Wu.

Pretty much the only character (excluding guests) that has a decent time with their life.
Everyone else has it pretty bad.