What is the most useless move that your main has?

Yup. I only ever get it to land when I’m using jabs to poke the opponent, and it sometimes catches them unaware. I have had cases where they quick rose in time to punish me while I was still in recovery (or so it appeared, citation needed?).

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Any of RAAM’s jump ins except for his j.MK and j.HP. I don’t think the hitboxes are useful. (In the case of j.HK its startup is slow as hell)

Jago’s J+LP
Honestly I found literally no reason to use this move when I could just use L laser sword and get more options and better results

j.HK has a really large hitbox. It can be thrown out from one side of the universe and hit the opponent on the complete other side.

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Agree 100%. Personally, the idea of burning meter to possibly get away seems kinda strange to me. I wish that it worked 100% or just have it do something else, perhaps something that might advance her or fake the opponent out or simply attack, but oh well.

I also tend to find the ender version of this move to be lacking in utility, although not to as great an extent as the shadow version.

I said j.HK has a slow startup, not a weird hitbox.

The startup is 8 when his other heavies are ~10. It’s an amazing whiff punish tool with long range and leads to really good mixup afterwards, definitly a move that more Shago’s need to use.

As for Aganos, I’d still say his most useless moves are his dashes :stuck_out_tongue:. I mean, I like having a backdash that I can use occasionally than not having one at all but boy howdy, it sucks seeing it come out on accident in those rare instances. Other than that, almost all of his moves are pretty gawdliek and I can’t complain at all.

@ItzTymeToDul and myself have both found setups where this is beneficial.

In regards to the op…it would be aganos backdash and Raam’s low emergence.


Kim Wu’s sweep IS pretty buns @DARKNIGHTSPIDEY, but the only reason i’d give it a pass is easy meaties off of it. Sweep + Cr. HP + HP kata for an example can be used meaty, beat non-invincible reversals and can catch shallow backdashes …

Her close st. HK is entirely useless, cannot hardly be relied on to come out, hits marginally faster than normal st. HK, does the same amount of damage as a normal st. HK (which is less than her MP buttons), hits in basically the same way as her normal st. HK, and…yeah. Just a bad button.

Firecracker is up there too, but i feel like i’m alone in that thought. That’s ok.

Doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Firecracker is good, but not amazing.

J.lk can be used to cross up. J.hk is great for reads on fireballs and it hits from a deceptively far range. J.mp and lp are good for air to airs mostly.


J. LK is great for really hard to block setups after a light command grab, j. lp is the best air to air button in terms of speed.

J.LK is his most underused button, but it’s really powerful while using Raam’s powerful setup game

Jago’s medium wind kick without anything in front of it, followed up or safe spacing.

MARIA baby , AKA ARIA for yall :sunglasses:

The body switch as combo ender, totally useless to me and IMAO. ive tried it like 2 times then I dropped it , its not even interesting to do, cause behind you get nothing in cashout reward and the PD don’t even recover faster = use it at your own risks.

And I can still switch body safely after a hard knock down, cause I got the option to go for a setup of to switch body for recover PD ,
SO why should I use that useless tool? someone explain me lol and ggs :stuck_out_tongue:

This is exactly how I feel about Spinal.

Kilgore - standing heavy kick, jumping medium punch.

Question: is that move punisheable? I find ppl doing it in my wake up and going right into grab. I know one is positive, another 0 and the last negative? I can’t be sure and I don’t remember the frame data right now (I’m also very far from home right now).

Nah. Light air-ORZ is -2, both of the others are 0 on block.

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Sabrewulf’s meterless Eclipse.
On paper it should be really good (180 degree AA), but the hitbox is stubby and it has no invulnerability so it whiffs, trades, or gets stuffed surprisingly often. Even when watching really good Wulf players like Dayton/Wheels it seems like it gets bopped a lot.