What is the most useless move that your main has?

Ok I’m being hyperbolic, but I had to give the topic an attractive title right?

Anyway, we all have characters that we prefer to use and I’m pretty sure that most of you don’t use EVERY SINGLE tool that they have. In this game you do need to know all of your options and you need to use your tools effectively to play at a high level, but even then there are things that I rarely use.

For example:

Omen LP in the air that causes a flipout… WTF is this for??? Omen’s jump is too floaty to utilize this. Your opponent recovers before you can even touch the ground! Jago will DP the ish outta you every time you try. I tried to find ways to use it, but I couldn’t.

To a lesser extreme, I really can’t use Cinder’s fakeout clap effectively. I don’t know when to use, and I’d rather just apply pressure. Maybe @swordman09 could help me out with this.

Anyway, what moves do you find useless or that you rarely perform in matches.

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I forgot all about omens J. LP, the few times I do use it are when I have instinct and have shadow orda shield covering me. The move I would say is useless for omen would be his demonic devastation move since it requires 3 full bars of shadow and can be easily avoided or jabbed out if your opponent is smart.

For my secondary Kilgore, I haven’t found a use for his shadow cool down move and almost never use it.

Kilgore’s shadow cool down is what makes his zoning so potent. Because he can cancel any gun move into shadow cool down (even on whiff) he can cover any mistake he makes and be completely safe as well as see what the opponent is doing. It’s basically a YRC from Guilty Gear.


I do a lot of play with RAAM, and I feel that light emergence has almost no utility. It has low invulnerability frames, but they are not on startup.


Oh ■■■■ really? Wow well that’ll help out a lot thanks.

[quote=“Crainiak24, post:3, topic:21379”]It’s basically a YRC from Guilty Gear.

I would say it’s an instinct activation. For one bar, make your unsafe attacks safe, even better, you can cancel your whiffed attacks into it. Even better during instinct you don’t lose the overheat, so you can do really crazy punishes with it

Also, about Omen j.LP, I get it’s a situational move, but it leads to some crazy setups. Like, for one bar, connect a j.LP, cancel it into shadow form, and depending to which direction you used, it can lead to a 4 way mixup(right, left, high, low).

Seriously, it’s pretty amazing, and you have even more options(another shadow form, being covered by shadow rashakuken, l. orda for an invulnerable attack if they use reversals…)


I was going to say the same thing.
Every once in a blue moon I hit LP in the air and they flip out and Im like oh shitt what do i do and then its too late.

It has a use but its just not dependent enough to use consistently.

Hands down Sadira’s Shadow Web Cling. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve used this move to dodge an attack just to be hit by another attack because it made it’s wall right next to the other player. :confused:


You gotta condition your opponent into thinking you’re going to keep using the actual Fission and then go for something like a grab instead with the fakeout. Oh and you also should set up for a good grabs by throwing out some Pyrobombs so that you can combo off of it.

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Tusk’s no-crossup f+MP - the only good use of this move is cool factor in Ultimate.

Tusk’s air HP - ridiculous recovery and even if you miraclously hit anybody, you can’t combo. Better to use MP for air momentum and MK for hits-from-above.

Yes, that is exactly what I was going to type. If only you could control the leap like with Kilgore’s Shadow Ball Flip move. Maybe even both leaps? Like, you could pick were the the web wall is made, and where Sadira jumps after that too. That would make the move so much more interesting, though I hope that would not also make it overpowered.

I’ve been playing a bit of Kim Wu recently and her sweep is so short and stubby I hardly find a reason to use it.

Glacius…M puddle punch.
Gargos…air command grab.

Isn’t M Puddle Punch fully invulnerable?

Shadow air tail flip.

Yeah, but so is H puddle punch. The difference between the 2 is M puddle punch and H Puddle is M causes a soft knockdown while H causes a hard knockdown. Other than that I don’t think there’s much difference…not enough that I can see to warrant using MPP over HPP.

Isn’t the medium version faster?

1 frame on startup, 1 frame on activation, and 3 on recovery, and a 4 frame difference on block but considering the difference between the soft and hard knockdown, the recovery isn’t of much help.

So like I said, not enough difference that I can see to warrant using MPP over HPP.

Medium air-ORZ with Hisako. Unless you’re fighting Cinder, the move is utterly useless. Ironically however, it’s pretty godlike against Cinder. :-p

For normals, probably Sako’s jump+MK. If you want to tick off a jump-in either jump+LK/HK are better, and the hitboxes are generally better as well (with the HK being a pretty nasty cross-up).

Shago’s Forward Heavy Kick. Like, I barely use that crap.

The start-up frames are slow and the animation is both slow and predictable. Perhaps when 3.9 comes out IG can replace the animation with Jago’s Windkick, the catch? It MOST DEFINITELY has to be short ranged.

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