What do we want MOST

These are my thoughts IF a second community fund succeed:

First of all ULTIMATE COMBO for every single character in the game.

Pseudo costumes like KI2 Sabrewulf, Fulgore, Orchid, etc… KI1 Glacius, T.J. Combo. KI1 Riptor w/ fixed/alternative bone rig. I would say KI1 Thunder but its confirmed to not be happening. :unamused:
Full alien Cinder with the 4 eyes just like at his concept.

Shadow Orchid to be like the Dark Queen from battletoads. (Rash would be there to investigate). A new Dark Queen has arrived? This should not take a slot from the character select grid, but an extra slot through Orchid’s customization options.

And since Sadira has used Glacius technology to open a second portal, it would be pretty obvious that it was made to bring Eyedol out from the limbo. So definitely, Eyedol as the bonus character of season 3.

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GREAT suggestions here guys but try to stay on post:

#So Adam in his interview said hed like to know what we wanted in terms of added DLC content? what would the community like to see?#

We have to be slightly clever with this one.

Rule out things that we think may be in season 3 and take away all the bugs and retro costume issues that drive us nuts.

Think of after season 3 things we would buy in packs?

Id say a good 70% already have retro skins so would tidying them up for sale be feasible in terms of a money maker? I dunno but its up to you guys to decide.

#what would you pay?#

Copy and paste the bellow list and price it guys. Lets see what people think

@CRIS178 @BblackorchidD @N0WAND4EVER @BigBadAndy @wheresAaron @igo407 @Beathead88 @Fwufikins @Gundrill
Just as an over view these are some of the ideas that could be sold as packs without impacting the community online:

Ultimates x3 packs $?
Shadow character x1 (with gold) $?
Classic backgrounds x3 packs $?
New backgrounds (omens sky stage etc) $?
Stage ultras x3 $?
Dojo combo challenge pack x3 $?
More customisation accessories (sold per character) $?
Dlc characters Eyedol, Eagle sold seperately $?
Omen a real boy (with gold) $?

Seaaon 3 hopefuls; (modes and tweaks i feel need to be a season plan. Everyone needs acsess to them otherwise tournament mode brough as DLC by 50% of the community could be a waste of time)

Online tournement lobby
Online practice mode
Character viewer 360 models
A buffed replay mode zoom, slow motion etc.
Tag team mode
Clan Battle – Similar to team except multiple players can play. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5.

Would never buy a pack of ultimates. Should be included in base game or season update. Not only that but if it means every character gets an annihilation type move I would never support it. Might as well regress to SF4 and make me buy the whole game again just for updated mechanics.

Shadow Characters should remain Shadow character. Adding the entire cast as a shadow character pretty much makes the appeal of a Shadow character worthless. Would only support one more shadow character and I would never support Shadow Maya, that makes no sense. Maya should be called Vengeance Maya if she gets possessed by the dagger and have a different theme than a Shadow Character. Make her look possessed like the witch in Suicide Squad.

Classic Stages I’d support individually sold through KI gold and in a classic map pack with all the stages for 5 or 10 bucks. Why that price? Because a season is mostly made up of characters and stages, half of that is stages. This shouldn’t need to be funded, this should just be sold as dlc.

Dojo challenge pack… are you serious? Who in their right mind would buy challenges as dlc or even fund that. The closest things that KI has to challenges are those insanely difficult parts in the dojo which aren’t even fun. Were they on par to the quality of the mkx challenge towers which change and get updated often and even have a story better than KI embedded then I would at least feel like am not getting ripped off but i would still be getting ripped off.

More customizations, I made a skins thread because that’s the only thing I really think I would actually purchase. I don’t care much for acessories. This shouldn’t need to be funded by us though, they should be selling these as dlc. Not only that but overall everything in this game should be purchaseable with KI gold. Why can’t I buy characters with my KI gold?

The rest seem like pipe dreams and would only happen with the 20 dollar fund. I think an Omen remake and remodel would be good for a fund. Don’t care for gargos or eyedol to be honest. Think people just cant remove nostalgia glasses and would be disappointed in them like Jagos retro, it just doesn’t belong in this time.

Selling incomplete ‘packs’ of features like 3 Ultimates is a really really bad idea. If they have to charge us for the feature in the first place just make it one complete purchase that includes all Ultimates including those coming for any yet unreleased characters.

That said if there was no other way I would be willing to fund

Ultimate combos
Season 1 revised/redone retros

But SF isnt complete? You buy costumes and DLC characters?

ultimates, extra levels and custom costumes are not systems in the game…they are just extras and no you should just have them its not what you singed up for. Season 1 ruled out these things.

not everyone want ultimates? why should everyone pay for them?

putting things into packs make sense if i only play as kim maya and orchid i may only want to buy 3 ultimates rather than pay a premium for every character?

@WheresAARon @CRIS178 just do what has been outlined above? if you wouldn’t pay for them then say i dont want them thats fine. Of not give other things a value so we know what you think they are worth.

at the end of the day this is a smaller game. KI is not going to make what SF does in PURE numbers sold so if we want more content we have to pay! if you dont want it thats fine but this post is about determining about what we would pay if at all for MORE KI and what more KI you would like.

i have no problem with anyone going to play a better product that they found more complete… but for me NOTHING is as good as KI and i want to see that content still runs after Season 3.

of course not everyone will want that… thats fine but allot of us do.

#so guys we get the vote for no more paid content#

lol but come on what would YOU pay for what u want? offer an alternative! a whole season of ki ultimates? price it? give some feed back?

It’s an interesting question. I would be happy to contribute to a fund to support some of these things, but when you sell them piecemeal it does change the perception.

I think characters you can sell. $5.00 is reasonable, although if you do the math for Season 1 and 2 those work out to about $2.50 each when you get the combo breaker pack.

I also think you can sell costumes without making too many people upset. I’m probably the last person to ask to set a price though, because I NEVER buy DLC costumes. Just seems like a waste to me. Once you start getting over $2.00 each the math doesn’t work out for me. I will buy the Ultra edition of S2 - just because. But after that? Eh… The only exception is like what MKX did with the sub zero skin - buy this to support tournaments. I would do that.

I would consider supporting a community fund for a package of enhanced online modes, like tournament options, the ability to que up online matches while in other modes of the game. Same for character trials or dojo.

Ultimates shouldn’t be sold off separately they should be included with the character or all be funded together. If KI season 1 came with DLC ultra combos everyone would have trashed KI from the beginning and never accepted it. Unlike skins, buying ultimates for single characters leads to a land slide where now they can say “Well if we can charge for ultimate’s, how about we charge adding Instincts for every character, lets charge to give certain characters recaptures” not only that but that would be an unfair advantage to those who do buy Ultimate’s especially if they mean the character gets an Annihilation type move. Not only would I feel like am being nickel and dimed, the game would then become pay to win.

Also SF4 was done. The point I was trying to make was that Capcom kept charging people almost every year for updates that KI is receiving for free. Having us buy individual Ultimates feels like Capcom making you buy the game again because they changed a few things.

ULTIMATES!!! this has been requested probably since day one in the forums…Who ever see’s a full Ultra any more? No one does them, its allways ended as soon as it starts.

It also would be so much better if the enders caused some actual damage, yeah gore, exploding fire cats, laser beam melt downs, Ice impale, people get cut in half…that way an ender feels like AN ENDER and not just like a tacky power move.

But my dear cris but they arnt! What we think isnt how it is.

We have to look forward. Its impossible to offer ultimates for eveyone for season 3.

So the only choice we have is dlc

I believe they mentioned that Ultimates could be done via the fund during that Adam Isgreene interview. That’s why this entire thing of people putting up options on the forums is going on. Adam said recommended to them something we could fund, Ultimate’s being on the table since they now have the tech to do it thanks to Aria’s instinct. Adam seems more inclined in a new Shadow character for a fund like last years that 20 bucks. I don’t care much for a new shadow character and I don’t really want a fund just for ultimate’s. Which is why I overall would rather just skip over Ultimate’s and am not willing to buy them individually as DLC because as I said, I still wouldn’t spend 20 bucks to fund something so small. Unless they redo Ultimates so it doesn’t include an annihilation type move for every character and they actually use the funding money to make Ultimates not look terrible like Jago’s which just has a black background and is just a longer variation of his annihilation.

If am going to spend money on something like a skin, ultimate, or anything like that I want quality in the content am receiving and Ultimate’s as they are right now with Shajo just look very cheap and I feel like getting free 40% damage is terrible as well.

That is BS. I love Killer Instinct, but at a point you have to draw a line. This game may be free to play but if those aren’t offered with the Ultra addition of the season which is about $40, then we should condemn it, not welcome it. I mean we condemned the practices of Evolve basing their game on purely DLC. It isn’t right and it shouldn’t stand. It is a major part of Killer Instinct and to be sold as DLC.

I wouldn’t mind if not everyone had Ultimates, like not all stages had Ultras. It would bother me, but I would have it that than having them sold on top of the $40 we already pay for. I mean I dished out more $100 on this game which is more than enough. I’m not complaining because I love KI and I have the money but I would hate to spend additional money for things that should already be included in a bundle.

I hope that is their plans and if so, that is great. I just hope they don’t abuse DLC. Hell, if it is free then… bless those sons of good mothers.

I guess I can see why you don’t like Shago. My biggest gripe is that they never gave him different normal’s with the exception of light kick and his animations could be slightly improved (which I assume will come in the PC build). An example would be to add more texture to his Ultimate rather than have it all black. Also, this is on DH’s end not IG’s but the retros… a majority are just crap. I see what they tried and maybe they had plans to fix it before stepping out but really, I wish IG could improve them. Surely mods will come from PC but still.

Tiger i hear u mate!

But two guys coded the biggest offering of the ulimate pack, the oringal ki 1 & 2. Doing ultimate would take allot more work to get them right.

Im completely fine with DLC. It makes snese some people wont even want this stuff so on the flip side why should they pay for it in a season price?

Drawig the lines or not kis future does depend on DLC content aftwr season3

Im well up for that.

True enough, content will keep the game going but too much will surely result in another Evolve. I guess we will see what IG decides to do, and how they take the feedback to additional DLC and whatnot.

For me, just Ultimates cause I know the other stuff we’ll be getting in season3 will be come anyway.

If you don’t want Ultimates in the game then don’t make a huge deal over it, just don’t do the move, you can stick with your triple Ultras if you like. But I’m tired of Ultras and want something new as a finisher.

But its not heheh. Evlove is bare bones to be honest and id argue some of the dlc is needed to be better. Nothing ki offers as dlc akes u any better at the game.

In my opnion IG and MS should offer the bellow as dlc
Ultimates x3 packs $?
Shadow character x1 (with gold) $?
Classic backgrounds x3 packs $?
New backgrounds (omens sky stage etc) $?
Stage ultras x3 $?
Dojo combo challenge pack x3 $?
More customisation accessories (sold per character) $?
Dlc characters Eyedol, Eagle sold seperately $?
Omen a real boy (with gold) $?

These things only added to the game AS MUCH AS WE WOULD LIKE

Stage Ultras should and probably will already come with the updates if any.

Personally I’d like to have them as an Update because that’s what we were supposed to have till DH got bought out by Amazon.

I hope they’s do go full on into it with Ultimates for everyone because they already did it with everyone else, why stop at just Shago? just seems ridiculous.

Also @CRIS178 jusr because people get Ultimates doesn’t mean everyone is going to get an annhilation move. Kinda reaching a bit aren’t we? The black background though makes since since you never what angles they are looking to pull off in the game, but who knows. Personally as a Classic KI fan as well it’s like a call back to the past where the background darkened. But for all we know they can always change up the background.

Seems like Fatalities yess but in this case, not as long and drawn out and not as gory if at all.

Again though, if you’re not for em that’s on you. Just don’t perform the Ultimates. and if you’re worried about becoming a victum of the Ultimate, just put your foes health down to red and you’re fine. All the’yll have left is to triple Ultra you, if they decide to.

I’m bored with Ultras and would like more options to finish off my enemy. You won’t lose this as much as someone like me who wants Ultimates but won’t get em which would be a big loss. All the other things you may have concerns may just be taken care of like patches and fixes.

Am reaching because Ultimates look nearly identical to the annihilation move. If they were to make them there own thing you would think the would make the animation look completely different. The way it is done right now heavily implies that both moves are linked to each other. Ultimates only being different by being longer and doing the annihilation in a combo while they are nearly dead.

More micro-transactions? Because that hasn’t pissed off gamers enough by this point that the idea of having more shoved down our throats with nostalgia as the bait, its pretty ridiculous.

I will always stand against the fact that micro-transations ruin a game. GTA 5, free DLC. Witcher 3 had free DLC. Both won GOTY. Now granted, no fighting game has ever won GOTY. Still, it doesn’t fit well when micro-transactions are squeezing the life out of our wallets/purses. MK did it and they got a bad rap for “easy fatalities” and Goro. Whether you may agree or not, there is evidence that suggest that paid DLC and the F2P model has slightly hurt the sales and rating of Killer Instinct.

To continue the trend just bedazzles me. I see it as this, I may have the money so it doesn’t bother me right? Yet, I am still annoyed by the amount of paid content. I also see it for others like @oDragonSpirit who may love the content but finds the practice too expensive for what you get.