What do we want MOST

So Adam in his interview said hed like to know what we wanted in terms of added DLC content? what would the community like to see?

whats your top 3 things you would would likely pay for if it was offered for DLC

Mines as follows:

Ultimates (in bundels)
Shadow character
Classic backgrounds (in bundels)

I don’t think we as a community should make any real decisions when it comes to what we want as DLC yet, since we don’t know what exactly is included in S3. I think it’d be wiser to wait and see what’s in S3 and what’s not, before we start making requests for added content.


Ive said this before, but my biggest desire would be to see a fan made character make it into the game. I would love to see fans submit characters and have the community vote on which one they would like to see be fully realized.


I wouldn’t mind seeing No Mercy/Danger Moves, but I understand the likeliness of that happening is slim to none lol

More stage Ultras would be cool, and an endless gauntlet of characters to fight would be nice. Something like Shadow Lab Survival but where you start with full health every fight.

A dojo/tutorial mode for each character, but one that goes over character specific stuff.

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well it wasnt really me asking Lord

Adam said let us know what you would like or what you would pay for!

its our job to give these guys a billon suggestions hahah

shadow survival would be AMAZING!!!


There already is a Shadow Survival. He just means like an endless arcade mode.

I think there already is Shadow Lab Survival :slight_smile: but it would be cool if they had a mode like that, but where we start each match fresh. In Shadow Survival I can get pretty far but end up losing because I later end up having to start matches with low health lol

TBH i havent plated shadows for SO long i got my achievement and i never went back. much rather Ranked.


How much would you guys pay for stuff also?

like a pack of 4 secondary ultras? for example?

Prices honestly don’t matter to me simply because I truly love this game. It’s the same thing with Hearthstone, I don’t mind dumping money into it in exchange for hours upon hours of enjoyment. DLC is such a great revenue for money which I feel IG desperate needs in order to make this game reach it’s full potential. @TempusChaoti mentioned in his interview that he would love to give us new colors, costumes, retro-stages and so on and so forth; but it all boils down to a matter of budget and time constraints. I think that once season 3 hits the ground rolling and they initiate the 2nd community fund, we’ll have an opportunity to truly shape the game in terms of new content. To the KI Community in general, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is people. Stop complaining about what’s not in the game, let’s be innovative like @WandaMaximoff and come up with things we truly desire from DLC to the community fund. IG and MS are on the forums everyday, our cries do not go unheard. A year ago, everyone was complaining about Shadow Jago not having his own moveset. The community came together and look at him now. :slight_smile: All I’m saying is don’t lose faith, the more we grow our community, the more MS is going to take note. IG is shaping Season 3 to go head to head with SF5, so I don’t think they will be skimping on the budget going forward once they see the support that our “niche” community is poring into KI.



You see im know here mostly for my mains polls

BUT im working on a poll that will allow us to see what people really want.

Now Adam has outwardly asked us! WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE TO SEE AS DLC OR TO FOLLOW SEASON 3 and the community is silent lol.

Where are the lists lol

The more options i get the more i can build a poll around for here face book and twitter :smile:

I dont want to asume what eveyone would like to see so im doing this post to get your feed back then for the poll entries.


Eyedol & Gargos.
More customizations & costumes.


I too would like to see the communal babes to be born in the (digital)flesh

Wow, great thread. I don’t even know what to say here - since the devs can’t give me “more time to play KI” which is what I want most related to the game.

Really looking forward to s3 characters. Otherwise it’s just a series of minor things. I think it would be cool, especially for shadow survival since you want to train your shadow, if we had ladders with branching paths. Because every time I go into shadow lab my shadow has been defeated by an unskilled player who just plays a character that I haven’t trained against. So, if you imagine a setup like SF3 where you can pick from one of two opponents before each round that would help expand the number of characters you see.


Well, if we’re talking about paid DLC, here are things that I’d be interested in paying for:

-Classic background pack: Let fans vote on their favorite backgrounds from KI and KI2, then take the top five, recreate them, and remaster the stage music as well.

-Hidden Character pack: Assuming these characters don’t make the cut for season 3, it’d be nice of they became available as a pack later: Eagle, the old master from KI Gold training and Shadow Orchid.

-“Real Boy” Omen: Just take another crack at him. Redo his appearance, take out the recycled animations, and give him a better move list.

-Overall Fine Tuning: Maybe this is part of a different pack, but I know that there are fans out there that would like to see characters retros and other small items like this touched up a bit. Things like new Orchid’s hair and face, retro Sabrewulf’s fur… There are a bunch of small aspects like this that fans have been asking for. You put those small touch ups in with a character pack or background pack and I think people will definitely bite.

-UI Theme Pack: Probably for the more hardcore fans, but there are some that really prefer the Season 1 UI. Some might prefer Season 2’s over whatever changes for Season 3. Some would like the classic KI look with the purple clouds and what not and some love KI2’s Fire look. Why not give people the chance to design how they want their title screen, select screen and Vs screen to look like? Maybe throw in a bunch of other designs that MS/IG come up with as well.

-Ender Pack: We still don’t know if MS/IG will add another way to end a match aside from Ultras, Ultra Enders and Shago’s Ultimate, but if this isn’t in the cards for Season 3, I’d like to see one or two ideas for all characters put in to a pack, maybe one new idea and one old one? I’m not super hyped by this idea, but I know many who want more ways to end a match, namingly Ultimates, No Mercies, Humiliations, etc.


Great feedback @Iago407. I would love the idea of a hidden character pack and Omen Real Boy Edition needs to happen!


Great suggestions guys! Really liking them all.

Whats clear is that we like packs of characters rather than one or two.

So guys if i said a pack of 3 classic backgrounds… how much would you pay?

Or a pack of 3 character pack?