What do we want MOST

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Well, I’ve been thinking about a guest character I would like for season three, but if he’s not in it, maybe as dlc.

Ever since I played Battletoads in the 90-ties, I wanted to pit them against the ninja turtles. So what would I want, a ninja turtle off course…or (wishfull thinking) a tmnt pack with all four :slightly_smiling:

Now I know this isnt directly killer instinct related, but I would love to be able to play them with the KI mechanics, and what are the chances of a tmnt fighting game (loved the one in the 90-ties)?
Also the turtles have a huge fanbase of their own, a pack might bring them into the fold. They could make this a pack after season three, since they will already most likely have created all the all of the old KI characters. And the turtles are characters that could actually fit in the KI world, being victoms of an experiment and living in the shadows.

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HAIR and


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High consistent quality.

Ultimates /No Mercy
Online Training Mode
More Flashier/ Ender Animation, kinda how they did with cinder!

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If I had to choose a for-funzies wishlist off the top of my head, in no particular order…

-Retro/Alternative Stages
-Classic Arcade Ladder
-KI2 Music in Training Mode
-Redone S2 style story mode for Season 1, with a combined S1/S2/S3 version of current S1 story implemented as “Arcade”.
-More accessories, colors, costumes, etc.
-The ability to make a Shadow for every character in the game at once.

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-Story Mode ala MKX : (Will it happen no :frowning: )

-DLC Skins : This shouldn’t need to be funded. This should just be a regular thing and not be accessories.

-Ultimates : If they do make the fund specifically for Ultimates then they should redo the system for Ultimates so that a black screen isn’t needed. Why are we even funding this if they are going to cheap out and use existing tools that don’t even look appealing.

-Mods : I think the best use of a fund would be to create a cross plat mods tool like Fallout 4. PC mods working on consoles.

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Omen redesign
visual hair tweaks on Sadira and Orchid
no mercies and ultimates for all characters
and of course the one and only Eyedol.


What I would like most is be surprised by something new by the developers.

So for they have surprised us with quite unique characters like Aganos with his rocks/walls, shadow mode, cam, etc…

Most ppl here seem to ask for something from the old games like skins, levels, ultimates, etc and all of that is cool, but if they ever do a next KI I would not want them to skip on Shadows mode, showing what a good addition it was to this game.

So let us be surprised again with something that might become a KI staple :wink:


Not really, he’s just a bunch of rehashed animations with minimal visual effects.

A “real boy” fund for Omen could get him his OWN animations, revise his moveset a bit, make his visuals a lot better, give him a full set of accessories and colors, even a real set of achievements. Overall to just make him into a full character with all the thought and attention to detail that the rest of the cast got.


Amazing suggestions guys

So let’s say $30 for a pack of 3 fighters?

And the same $30 for a pack of 3 retro stages 1 of witch would have a secret stage finisher.

Would ppl be ok with that?

My top three

Tag team
Combo trials
Tusk in first batch of S3 characters

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Bo think more after s3.

Like we know what’s coming to s3 because weve seen the model but what ae want after it?

Personally i love combo trials.

Teams i think would divide the core ki exspernice too much. I dont want to divide the players we have any more than we have to.

I always thought that they could make eyedol and ultra boss Huge in witch u needed tag to defeat him… that could be a mode id enjoy.

Dont get me wrong i love tag it could so wirk in ki BUT its a small is game lets not halve it in 2 2 pools

Sorry, one more try,

Tag team mode dlc - is a separate mode like in DoA5
Combo trials dlc
Day 1 Tusk dlc - Barbarian of course


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This comment right here made me realize how much IG and MS are taking advantage of us. All of us are excited to pay 30 plus dollars on a small amount of content. I mean 30 bucks for the characters and stages, a season has triple that amount of content and it doesn’t take us to fund it.

Sure you can say part of the reason we are doing this is for the fighting game tourneys but then you have to remember that MS hardly even supports KI in that regard. Remember them sponsoring MK, they recently sponsored Smite, and both Halo and Gears of War have their own league with prize money. Heck, that gears tourney is later today.

Sure you can say Halo gets its prize pool from req packs but 343i doesn’t make its players fund development of the content in the req packs.

Wish they actually had faith in the game and showed little support instead of heavily relying on us.

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The thing with 30 dollars/euros for 3 fighters is that is rediculously overpriced compared to the 20 dollar combo packs for 8/9 players. I might buy it, but I can easily afford it, it would be a hard sell for more casual gamers or ppl who dont have a large entertainment budget. They really shouldnt charge more then 15 for 3 characters…maybe 20 dollars if they throw in solid extra’s.

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They’re not really taking advantage of us though. Just look at several of the threads that pop up here every week, people are literally begging to throw their money at KI, yet we had to convince them to do another community fund. Any greedy developer would have just pumped out meaningless trinkets of dlc to take the money this forum is constantly offering them.

Missing the part where we are paying for development of those trinkets and they are still selling it. But I agree people are willingly giving their money and its not exactly necessary that I buy the next shadow character so there isn’t much to complain. I think I’ll just sit this one out. Also, you can’t call a developer greedy for trinkets as dlc, its not like they are forcing you to buy those things its only for those who want the luxury.