What are you currently listening to?


Lol yeah, they really do love Berserk over at BiB. Except I think the song Cry Out for a Hero. That one I think is Fist of the North Star.

But yeah, it’s like Sabaton and Night wish had a baby with the movie the Labyrinth, and the songs are about turning Griffith into a Dragonslayer popsicle. What’s not to love?

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dude that song was wicked, great i now want to trash my office and make all kinds of racket because im way too energized for my own good. now im gonna go see what kinda work i can keep myself busy with instead LOL

ill check out the other songs after work!

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I keep feeling like I need to listen to more cheerful music, but then I hear another Blvck Ceiling, Lorn or Crystal Castles song I really dig and I’m right back to being 20 year old goth Nitric again. :joy:


You found the song of my soul. :joy_cat:

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after work, a toast with some bourbon will be done lol. happy you enjoyed the song! more to come, right now im on a testament kick and working my way up to the Low album

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Hey after you listen to LOW and get used to John Tempesta on drums and the Guitar God James Murphey on lead guitar…then check out their next live album…“Live at the FIlmore”…its Fn EPIC!!! Reminds me of my early days of metal in the early 90s. I used to jam that CD so often…its one of the best live albums ever and the way they make the older songs heavier is what really makes it the best.

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dude, i will definitely check it out. i have iced earth alive in athens with deadly smedley. its my fav! and opeth at the royal hall. im down for some live testament!

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I have all their scores! Absolutely love Two Steps from Hell.

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some trip hop on this fine wednesday morning, before i start posting up more thrash metal for tomorrow

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back on my testament kick!


A classic mastepiece! If you dont know… get to knowing lol

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ahh castlevania 3, how soul crushing you were. what goes up, must come down. yep, i wont forget playing this ■■■■■■■■■■■■ of a stage

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Clockwork is a favorite of mine