What are you currently listening to?


Quite possibly the best Trance song and most accessible to those who don’t have a special taste for the genre

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Idk if any of you are interested, but i found this nice power metal song. Pretty fun song if you ask me lol. Barely found out about them recently


Dream Evil is pretty much a super group from the European metal community. Famous metal producer and engineer Fredrik Nordstrom created the band along with SNowy SHaw on drums, and Gus G on lead guitar. NOw those guys arent in teh band anymore…but they were on the debut album.
Good stuff! But Fredrick is famous for recording many of the biggest Black metal, Power metal, and extreme metal albums of all time!


tracks like this one are also a good starting point for the vocal trance genre. cant go wrong with ana criado :slight_smile: omnia does great stuff too

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Trying to learn this on keyboard.

It’s hard though

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its ■■■■■■■ tuesday.

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I used to listen to this in 7th grade… 4 of a kind and Thrash zone!

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this group really hit the spot yesterday lol. today is much more chill thankfully, my phone isnt exploding with calls. i swear, i am going to change my number.

anyway, this band also sounds good. im surfing through a youtube channel that posts nothin but thrash and death!


BFG division


its friday, SKOL!


saturday night in the garage. smell of gasoline and oil, and the sounds of hard work. cant forget the profanity over a missing 10mm either


HELLYEAH!!! DO you ever listen to LOW or Dark Roots of the Earth?


no, but would be amazing if you link some music from them!


Been listening to the DOOM soundtrack. It’s on repeat.


Its Testament albums lol… just look them up. LOW cam eout in 1990 when grunge started to take over… LOW is when they started to get heavier and also Jame smUrphey on lead guitar and the guy from WHite ombie on drums.
Dark soots i their big comeback album with Gene hogland on drums and steve digorgio n bass…also return of Alex skolinick ( Well his 2nd album back)


i know, i wanted to see your highlights lol but yeah ill just listen to them entirely. i just finished this new order album on my way to work. so good man, old school headbanger thrash! gonna check out the other ones to see how they did during the grunge era. i liked nirvana for a while, but then alice in chains was always there to just destroy everything. those guys i been hearing since i was a little ■■■■■■■

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So there’s a new band that’s really stolen my heart. Beast in Black.

I’ve been on a power metal binge and these guys are and outstanding new group. The music has some great hooks, the guitar work is really good, and they’re catchier than the law should allow. But the real standout is the vocalist, Yannis Papadopoulos. His voice is absolutely insane.

They just released a new album in February, “From Hell With Love”, and it’s outstandingly fun from beginning to end. Personal favorites from the album are Unlimited Sin, Oceandeep, and the title track.

Oh and in case that wasn’t enough, almost all of their songs are inspired by the classic anime/manga Berserk, so it makes the nerd in me very happy.

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dude i was about to say…what the ■■■■ is Guts The Black Swordsman doing on the thumbnail for that video? lol