What are you currently listening to?


Quite possibly the best Trance song and most accessible to those who don’t have a special taste for the genre



Idk if any of you are interested, but i found this nice power metal song. Pretty fun song if you ask me lol. Barely found out about them recently


Dream Evil is pretty much a super group from the European metal community. Famous metal producer and engineer Fredrik Nordstrom created the band along with SNowy SHaw on drums, and Gus G on lead guitar. NOw those guys arent in teh band anymore…but they were on the debut album.
Good stuff! But Fredrick is famous for recording many of the biggest Black metal, Power metal, and extreme metal albums of all time!


tracks like this one are also a good starting point for the vocal trance genre. cant go wrong with ana criado :slight_smile: omnia does great stuff too


Trying to learn this on keyboard.

It’s hard though


its ■■■■■■■ tuesday.


I used to listen to this in 7th grade… 4 of a kind and Thrash zone!


this group really hit the spot yesterday lol. today is much more chill thankfully, my phone isnt exploding with calls. i swear, i am going to change my number.

anyway, this band also sounds good. im surfing through a youtube channel that posts nothin but thrash and death!