What are you currently listening to?


WAit… you like SPiders lullaby?? LOL…no one likes that album! LMAO… Id have to say the worst album is probably …Give me your soul please.
Im good friends with the drummer Matt THompson. Ive played many shows with his other band Shaolin Death Squad.


It’s not their worst.I can name 5 worse easily.


Which ones? I mean…Im not knocking SPiders lullaby…just saying most people dont like that one…Ive probably listened to it the least to be honest. Honestly my least favorite album is the 1st one… Fatal portrait.
My favorites are Abigail, THem, Conspiracy, THe Eye , Graveyard, House of God, Abigail 2 and most of Puppet Master.


Abigail 2 and puppet master I thought really sucked to be honest.I didn’t even get through the entire CD of puppet master before I turned it off.I just couldn’t get into it.give me your soul…please was a tire fire that never should have been made.Abigail was my favorite album of his and I felt the 2nd 1 just wasnt close to it and left me wanting a lot more.all subjective of course,but that’s how I felt.


Oh yeah I agree on everything but Abigail 2…I really enjoy that album but its not on par with the original. THe story is good, a bit of the riffs are meh. But I like it better than Puppet and Give me YS.
House of God is amazing though…I love the story, the songs, everything… and it bugs me that KIng D doesn’t recognize it hardly at all nor do fans.
IMO top 5
House of God
The Eye

Im going to give Spiders Lullaby another chance as I had kind of forgotten about it.


Good list,but I love Fatal Portrait lol.Otherwise agree with your list for the most part.


Something about the songs on Fatal Portrait that dont resonate with me. I guess it the Halloween song and No PResent for Christmas…that vibe and sound just inst great for me. The album feels rushed and not cohesive like Abigail. Definitely better than Voodoo and Puppet. I tried VOodoo yesterday again… a few good songs but overall it just meh… really hard to say focused after LOA House.


Those 2 songs are bonus tracks.They weren’t released originally on it.that’s probably why they don’t fit in.edit:sorry,Halloween was,I was thinking of The Lake,that was the other bonus track with no presents for xmas






The main star of this band IMO is not David Vincent… its Rune Eriksen, former guitarist of Mayhem and the mastermind behind their Ordo ad Chao album! Just so sick that album is… it will literally make some people feel uneasy.
Im definitely looking forward to this album in March! SO far so good!


eriksen is gonna replace pat o brien for cannibal corpse shows i think. im gonna blast this during lunch! always down for new metal


LOL…no thats Eric Rutan. Which is true… Eric Rutan was on 2 Morbid angel albums…DOmination and Gateways to Annihilation. he also fronts hate Eternal and is a accomplished producer with his own studio thats recorded Cannibal Corpse and Morbid angel. But no…Rune Eriksen is from Portugal and Mayhem fame…he replaced Euronymous, the leader of Mayhem that was killed by Varg Vikerness.


same ■■■■ lmao, hes replaced by an erik and this erik is supposed to be a very strong player



R.I.P keith flint, you were an inspiration


MAYHEM…Mayhem… and more Mayhem.


These are the best remixes.