What are you currently listening to?


Just a few I’ve been listening to lately. :slight_smile:





slow day, so i am here relaxing after finishing the work for the afternoon.


Kind of depressed today. Have a great sad song.



do not stare into the abyss




One of the songs that makes me think of the first KI.


King Diamond - House of God


jamming this in my office workin on a busted ■■■ laptop. pretty awesome album so far!


Yeah man the story is really cool! Its about a traveler that comes upon an old desecrated church guarded by a wolf thats actually a lady. Come to find out its the true gods of earth hiding the story of Jesus and his body down in the catacombs. Very underrated KD album and most fans dont mention this one often nor does the band ever play any of its songs. IMO its the best KD alum since THEM and that came out in 88.


it has some awesome riffs man wtf, i thought it’d be a popular one lol. im seriously groovin to this ■■■■ right now, i dont get it haha

gonna put this one on in my daily driver when i head for lunch. today has been total ■■■■ so this has been a welcome break from the current mess im tryin to resolve


hell yeah man! Get into the story and lyrics when you have time. My favorite songs are House of God and Catacombs… man just amazing guitar by Andy Larouqe on this one.





Agreed.I have it right there with The Spiders Lullabye