What another community fund should be spent on?

You’re not going to get a critical mass of people to directly crowdfund content for a Microsoft property like KI. It’d be a press nightmare if they tried.

The KI community and the devs for this game aren’t the typical bunch, regardless of opinions from outside the community the people here would gladly give if it meant bettering our game. That’s the difference, we know the situation KI is in while the Microsoft having legions outside have no clue.

I can’t say for certain what would happen but I don’t think it would be a fiasco like you claim it would.

It has to be stages and customisation for the characters


None of these are exactly what I want, which are Ultimates for every character.

damn, forgot about that x.x

I totally agree with you. I have proven that KI is a great game that deserves the AAA treatment. With a bigger budget and marketing this will go a long way!

How would you feel if IG did a community fund but it was kindve like stretch goals on a kick starter. Like it had a list of rewards and we only get them if we hit the amount.
Kinda like:

More accessories - 25k
Eagle - 50k
Mira stage - 100k
Eyedol stage - 125k
Rash stage - 150k
Raam stage - 175k


Eagle costs less then shago?

Not an exact price just an example cuz I have no idea what the real costs would be

I’ve mentioned something like that before, I think it would be a great idea, since we can basically decide to spend as much as we want on what we want.

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Probably still on the low end.

I do kinda like that tiered goal style thing, give people a reason to keep donating or whatever you want to call it.


How can I vote for stages?

I don’t want to see Eyedol, Mira and Gargos without a stage.

Eyedol and Mira especially, I could live with the Astral Plane for Gargos since he’s been strongly associated with portals and the void since his reveal in this game.

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I agree, I see a lot of people at least asking for a stage for Mira, because she isnt a guest and doesnt really have a stage to be associated with. (The Sabrewulf stage was conveniently used in the novella but doesnt count since it isnt really tied to her and her history).

I would so like to see at least her get a stage…

I could live with Eyedoll in the astral plane aswell though, if we can only get one extra stage, since you see him teleport their himself in the trailer, meaning he is quite familiar with the place

Some kind of Gladiator-style arena would fit Eyedol (and retro Tusk, as a side note), just like in original KI.

The thing is, storywise I dont see him as being in an arena much, the whole astral plane feels kind of fleeting, so unless he sets up a base on earth first, which I dont really see an out of control shadow lord do after just waking from the dead.he wakes up in Kan-Ra’s stage and teleports to the astral stage, one of those would fit him.

I voted for stages, but I tend to agree that this is more of a throw-away vote. They already know that we want more stages, not just for the weary travelers, but retro stages as well. I’d pay handsomely for updated versions of Cinder’s KI1 stage, Orchid’s KI1 stage, Spinal’s KI1 stage, Kim Wu’s KI2 Stage, Tusk’s KI2 stage, Sabrewulf’s KI2 stage, the list goes on.

But the last community fund gave an existing character model a new move set. An awesome move set, but still. Going from that to a new stage or multiple new stages seems like a substantial leap cost-wise.

I’d be very curious to see some sort of tier list from IG indicating how much each would cost.

Tier 1: A reimagined character (ie Ben Ferris, Shadow Orchid or Kelvin…Please rename him Meltdown)
Tier 2: Six accessory sets, two for each season.
Tier 3: A new stage for Mira
Tier 4: A new stage for Eyedol

I wonder how much that whole package would cost, and how quickly MS/IG would be able to deliver on it if there were a successful community fund.

New stage could be created from existing stages assets + little new ones…

Skins confirmed!

orchid Nightwing battle costume with ponytail