What another community fund should be spent on?

I’m on board with the night/ day versions and lighting change to indoor stages for added stage choices like sfv

I highly doubt it will happen. But if we the fans were involved-

As always I vote skins. Too long for no additions to costumes

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Most defintely stages for all characters with missing stages. However tusk and Kim both need their faces worked on. Tusk also needs his solid black eyes fixed and his insane shoulder clipping in his retro costume fixed as well…

You might be interested in this poll:

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One post isn’t spam. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for what will “never” happen in KI, we simply don’t know that. The majority of people thought Eyedol would never come and here he is. It might be highly unlikely but never say never when it comes to Killer Instinct.

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I love to see how enthusiastic the community is about wanting to support KI to have more content. However I’m a little uneasy about it because things that I believe SHOULD be there sooner or later such as stages for homeless characters and so forth shouldn’t have to be community funded to be possible. Worst case scenario is if things like this WONT happen unless we pay up, if money is an issue then MS should take that up and fund this games content so it will stay consistent, instead of leeching off of passionate fans like us. Just my 2 cents.

Its a little more in depth than that.

As people outside the KI community might not know, KI has a fairly small budget. We’re willing to pay for things to ensure we see them in-game at some point. They have confirmed that season 3 won’t be getting more than three stages, several times. If we want them, we’ll have to fight and pay for them.

Just look at the first fund, Shadow Jago’s moveset was practically promised since the end of season one and was something we shouldn’t have had to fund but they just didn’t have the time or the money to do it. It took thousands of forum posts, years of effort from the community and then we still had enough passion for the character to fund it.

Microsoft isn’t leeching off loyal fans like us, we’re willingly paying our money to the development of the game. If they were “leeching” off of us, we’d have fifty $3 costume packs and more stages and music than we could shake a stick at. I can’t argue with you about the lack of funding though from Microsoft, this has proven itself to be major AAA first party material yet they refuse to advertise it and give it adequate funding.

We didn’t fund Shago. We provided money to tournament pot bonuses and our reward for reaching the goal was that they would give Shago his moveset. They wouldn’t have made that promise if they didn’t already have the funds and time to make it happen beforehand.

Lets be honest here, some people provided money to the tournament scene.

The rest purely gave their money to fund Shadow Jago, some like myself several times over on different accounts. I suppose you’re right, we “funded” pot bonuses but everyone I know only did it because they wanted Shago. :stuck_out_tongue:

More story stuff. Some collectibles, like figures or something. Then the typical stuff of accessories, colours and costumes.

Stages all day

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Let Team Ninja take over, so we can get new costumes, every week.

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I don’t understand why Microsoft won’t give them a bigger budget. They have certainly proven themselves.

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Agreed. It’s disgusting how Microsoft refuses to give them a bigger budget. So much needs to be done in this game. Just imagine what IG can do with a bigger budget. Seeing other fighting games with bigger budgets like Tekken, MK, and SF makes me jealous.

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I can understand why DH didn’t get a huge budget, they were taking a long dead game and bringing it back. Now though? The game has shown itself to be worth of AAA treatment in my opinion, it should be advertised and given all the attention other first party games get.

They say this is their flagship fighting game, its time to treat it like they mean it. Granted it seems like they care more now but still, KI could be huge if it was given the chance.

This is all opinion though, I don’t know how much money they allotted for the game.

Ki does not want the AAA treatment. Because, that’s just bad juju.

Something tells me M$ takes a corporate approach, they dgaf how this game fares, and even what is this game about.

It has to advertise their platforms and IP`s with as low cost as possible. And it is 2013 game, so they are even more reluctant to give more money to it.

Yes, but my point is they don’t use the money from the funds to make the things, regardless of what your reason for supporting it is. They had what they needed to make Shago before the fund, hence why they could offer him as a reward. They currently don’t have what they need to make stages so they can’t offer them.

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As always ; Ultimates!!!

Not in the poll tho :slight_smile:

If the cash from such a fund were used to actually fund the project instead of something else that might be a different case, who knows that circumstances there might be if another community fund was to happen.

It’s not about leaching. It’s about passionate fans who get real joy from this game and the franchise in general; most likely fans who played the originals as young people/ kids in the mid 90s. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d gladly donate to a fund for the missing stages, more characters, more modes; anything really( I hope stages most of all however). My point is that I don’t view it as leaching at all, and if I have to donate 30$ here and there or Whatever the amount is, I will gladly do it because I want to see this game thrive for as long as it possibly can.

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