What another community fund should be spent on?

  • Another character (new or shadow version)
  • Stages for homeless characters
  • New game mode
  • New skins
  • New accessories
  • Graphical fixes (tusks face, certain characters retros, hair, etc.)

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I came up with idea of gaphical fixes when writing this poll. Personally, I dont want another character, I was going for stages but we have already 21 stages, so I went with Graphical fixes.

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I say ‘another character’ solely because I really want to see what they can do with Eagle. However, every idea on there is great. Another however, I’m not too keen on new game mode. I can’t imagine anything after Shadow Lords and the SL MP mode making the game more enjoyable.

honestly thats kind of hard to decide… they are all wanted by me. But it feels more like it would all be better suited in a new season than just a community fund.

What’s wrong with Tusk’s face?

Id like a new character. I was bummed at first about the stages but there is already more than enough to be honest.

I’m hoping they start adding accessories and skins via dlc down the line. Separate from a community bundle

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We can’t vote for more than 1? :frowning:

His mouth is crooked at select screen. And textures on his face look like he is from PS2 era. And lighting on certain stages make him look like he is possessed during victory pose (black eyes n stuff)


Homeless characters, I love it.


I know where my vote’s going.


Same here, plus if they ever get around to making season 3 UltimateSource figs they’ll need stages to hold them upright. :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on guys, you all should know by now that a vote for characters or stages is throwing your vote away.

The heart wants what it wants.

They’re not going to get the fact we want character stages if we don’t let it be heard, I don’t want to see a potential season 4 with no stages at all. Stages, stages, stages, stages, stages.


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Ah… This list is brutal, I want them all, alas as much as I want to see a new stage, I’d rather have a new character with their own theme.

Woody Allen.


Halo got a background stage. Where is Gears of War. I really want a ton of new accessories though.

Will also fund to find out what you guys did to that user here, that was working on an Orchid model. TF did you guys do to him?

So spam the rest of the forums with threads relentlessly begging for stages. (On a side note: please don’t actually do this. It’s fucking annoying and the devs know you want this already.)

If there is one mechanism which will not give you stages, it’s another community fund.

Nobody here is spamming the forums, there’s a thread asking what we want so we’re voicing our opinions. I figure if the OP puts stages in the poll then its okay to discuss wanting more stages. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, sure. There’s never going to be a community fund for stages, but I guess there’s probably not going to be another community fund ever again regardless, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

I was thinking about this, but how about IG just tweeks some of the stages already in the game to fit the homeless fighters. Say for Raam he could stay on Sadira’s stage but swap the spider for a corpser & the spidergirls in the top left with locusts. Change the lighting / music / add a stage ultra & BINGO Bob’s your uncle. Instant Gears stage!

Now I know this might be seen as a cheap way to add a stage but it wouldn’t be much different than shadow Jago / omen’s stage right? If IG/MS did that would it piss you guys off?

What other current stages do you think could be modified & would it be worth a community fund? I would vote yes with my money.


I would not mind dark version of Maya stage for Mira. Night, bats n` stuff.