We need a ninja or a ninjalike character

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I always loved ki but it needs a ninja character(not really but you understand)

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I wholeheartedly agree. Jago, I love ya, but you don’t count.


but shago already does like one.

Ninja! A real one!

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Eyedol is a ninja, he ninja’d into the roster.


Wholeheartedly agree with you on that, yes :slight_smile:

Isn’t Sadira of the Ninja archetype? That’s been my impression, anyway. As a fan of ninjas myself, I am not saying no to the hope of more ninjas, but I have to point out that we do already have a ninja.

For the record, Jago is not a ninja by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t care how popular MK was in the 90’s or is now, a mask does not make one a ninja.


A ninja to me needs to have:

  • Throwing stars/shurikens
  • Knives and swords
  • Maybe some gas pellets or some sort of disappearing teleport
  • Mask with some matching clothing to go with it

A kusarigama please!

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Yeah, I was actually thinking that if they ever get around to giving Shago accessories a traditional ninja outfit would be a must-have.

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umm Jago and Shadow Jago already take’s the place of a Ninja

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Psylocke inspired

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If they did, i’d just want it to feel different from, say, an Ibuki from Street Fighter or Taki from Soul Calibur. For me, less about the usual shuriken, kunai and so on, more about possibly how their style says to you ‘stealth, speed and precision.’

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Jago/Shago are NOT ninjas. They’re monks.

Masks =/= ninja


Ehh…not really. Sadira is an assassin yes, and maybe the way her clan works is ninja-esq, but I’d say with the way the spider mantle is passed down, and fact that the clan is stationed like in Thailand or something, that makes them something different.

Ninjas are distinctlying Japanese, and carry out the will of their Shogun as an arm of his military. I’ve heard people say that ninjas are essentially Samurai who work in shadow, expertly trained in the deadliest of killing arts so well that they were percived to be superhuman.

Whether or not it is a super-ninja a-la Ryu Hyabusa, or something more down to earth, a REAL ninja would be awesome in KI!


Yeah Jago has a mask and a sword, that’s basically all he has in common with a ninja. Otherwise, everything about him seems more like a warrior monk. Sadira’s closer, but being an assassin isn’t necessarily the same thing, especially when nothing else about her matches a ninja archetype.

I’d like to see a character that has the robes, the cloth concealing some or all of the face, and the weapons and gadgets that make them dangerous while giving them the illusion of inhuman agility, mobility, stealth, etc.

Stuff like

Shuriken (throwing stars)
Kunai (small throwing blades)
Kama (hand sickles)
Tekken (similar to brass knuckles)
Kusarigama (a kama on a long chain)
Tanto (short sword)
Manriki-Gusari (small chain with weights at each end)
Vigoorian Flail (nunchuck kamas)
Throwing needles
Torinoko (smoke bomb)
Houroku Hiya (ninja hand grenade)
Explosive powder
Grappling hook
Blow darts
Tekko (Vega claw)
Three pronged short sword
Matchlock guns

Obviously I wouldn’t want a character using all if these, but maybe two or three multi use items plus three or four more single purpose items. Like maybe the kusarigama is a major offensive focus at close/mid range along with the tekko at short range, but they also use the matchlock gun on a launcher ender or explosive bombs for a projectile or shoot explosive blow darts in midair, use the grappling hook for mobility and explosive powder to counter projectiles etc.

I dunno, that sounds pretty fun! As overused as this archetype is, there’s still so much lore, so many weapons and so many interpretations of what this character could be both from a historical perspective as well as a pop culture perspective, that I think they could still come up with something fun, fresh and unique.


I would like to see a ninja be a part of not only a yakuza group, but also a connection to Hisako. Maybe even Kim Wu.

Yeah there a Ninja Monk there is such a thing. If Jago was a normal Monk he wouldn’t know how to fight. Monk’s are peaceful pacifists. A Ninja Monk how ever are trained in the arts of combat .

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…most monks are trained to fight you know-_- there is even a class in final fantasy based off monks. maybe not in roman and western monks but eastern/ asain monks are trained in combat as well as being peaceful


I think Jago and Sadira already fit the bill. While not being exactly ninjas, they match the trope overall.
If we go the path of technicality, then why not having a human-T. Rex hybrid? We already have Riptor, but it’s a different dinosaur species. Or we could have a Cherokee tribal warrior. We already have Thunder, but he’s Nez Perce.

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