WE MADE IT BOIS! (Goodbyes to S2)

Too late. I read it in Spinal’s voice.


S2 memories?

How about the twitch chat during Omen, Aganos and Cinder’s gameplay streams? How many people screamed broken was just funny.

I also have S2 to thank for Cinder and Omen. So much fun to play.

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I’ve played and owned KI on my Snes, but was never really any good at it, loved it anyways.
So it was one of the first games I bought when I got a Xbox one (the first really since Titanfall was included). Took about a year for me to fully get invested though (my daughter was born the day after I bought my Xbox One, so busy life).

The lack of characters at first wasnt motivating either, after my last Fighting game was the street fighter IV super ultra turbo alpha beta gamma edition. And Jago to this day still doesnt do anything for me, Glacius is cool, but doesnt fit my playstyle, same for Sadira. So that left Wulf, Orchid and Thunder (which I didnt really start to appreciate till later on).

However then season 2 came out and while TJ Combo and Maya didnt get my full appreciation till later on, new characters like Aganos and Hisako really spoke to me. As did the monthly release of characters, it did what no fighter did before, it kept my interest over a longer period of time. Still love Hisako with a passion and Fulgore has finally gotten my attention after several failed attempts to try him. Too bad I fail hard at dp moves on the xbox controller (eventhough I’ve played fighters since SF2), but he has enough other moves to make him interesting.

Basically season 2 has retro-actively made me like season 1 more aswell, and together they make a wonderful game, just like I trust the developers to have season 3 make everything else better aswell.

I do look forward to more monthly / bi-monthly characters after season 3 though (season 4? Other distribution model?) in a way I like that we got the classics all out now (wouldn like the game without them though) but I like to be surprised again by newbies, like Hisako did.

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I only get to play on the weekends and don’t really feel eager to leave S2. Will get in some matches these last few weekends before Season 3.

I don’t know if it’s been outright negativity on the boards lately. Some disappointment for sure, but I see a lot more apprehension around here. A lot of worrying about the unknown as we get closer and closer to March.

Now why bring that up? Because I’m saying goodbye to season 2, and I think that there are some real parallels there.

Anyone else remember when DH got purchased and KI was in limbo? Then IG came in and no one thought they could do as good a job as DH, and they showed TJ and a lot of people bemoaned his animations and the way his face looked. Then they had the audacity to change season one characters and add this crazy recapture mechanic.

Then we found out that season 2 would launch with only two characters. I feel like there was a lot of worrying, a lot of apprehension, a lot of wanting to know more, sooner.

But then something amazing happened. IG started putting season 2 out and it was FUN. I mean they absolutely killed it in the best way possible. The new UI looked great, even if it’s not to my personal taste, it was still very well organized and informative. Off to a good start.

TJ and Maya came out and both were incredibly interesting and oh my god, who is this mummy guy? Kan Ra looked so cool, and that voice, and that stage music! He quickly became one of my all time favorite fighting game characters.

Then Riptor returned with a fun trailer and some awesome moves. Then Omen, then Broccoli Man and his crazy walls, then the ghost, Hisako and so on and each month brought teasers, reveals (with more teasers), tender moments steams with awesome gameplay, new modes, weekly Q&A’s and updates from Adam or Kraig through the whole process all the way up through redone Shadow Jago.

So much great music, great characters, the KIWC being amazing, the next rebalance that, unlike the first one, was greeted with such excitement and exhilaration, and now we’ve almost come to the end of those amazing character backstories.

It’s been a phenomenal season. So much better than I could’ve hoped for when I sat there, wondering what would come next after the Double Helix board shut down, worrying that the game I was so psyched for when I saw it (finally) return at E3 2013 would soon die.

If anything, remembering the steady stream of hype and how long I’ve been playing this game since it’s release almost two and half years ago due to a content model that I thought was horrendous when I first heard about it has renewed my enthusiasm for season 3.

Guys, they know what they’re doing. We know that. We’ve seen it with season 2. They won’t be able to please everyone all the time. No one could. But we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks and they seem pretty eager to show us, so it must be good.

I’ll have some fond memories of season 2, but if anything, they currently serve to strengthen how much I’m looking forward to what’s next. Man, I love how this game comes out in seasons. It’s genius. I can’t wait for what’s next!


The thing is IG doesn’t do character design. I think Adam has confirmed multiple times that they do the character design over at MS and then show it to IG, they then animate and create the mechanics for the characters.

But I do give credit to IG for not messing it up and working with what they got.

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Yeah, I think you might be right on that. Regardless, it was a collaborative effort. I don’t know who was responsible for what aspects of season 2, but I know that in my mind, it was an incredible success and I also know that MS & IG are back for season 3, so I’m becoming more and more optimistic until I have a substantial reason not to be.

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Seeing the TJ Combo trailer. In fact, watching all the trailers as they progressed. Playing Aria when she was released for Combo Breaker pack players (finishing at about one in the morning and facing down my 10th survival opponent in the most surprising and unexpected setting, a mirror match). Starting the game and playing my first few matches. Managing to get to Killer rank after obtaining Gold in the same season. Starting what has become Forum Battles. Being interviewed for Killer Insight. Interacting with so many helpful players. The list goes on.


One of the best season 2 memories. I can sum it up in a few short words.
Hisakos Stagemusic.


(Changed the title of the thread to 3 days. [seems like the appropriate thing to do. ])

Uh, what? Keits, the lead combat designer, is at IG. Delriach was on QA at IG before becoming a combat designer…again, at IG. IG is very much involved in design. Some words from Dave Lang give the impression that IG isn’t highly concerned with lore (although I recall hearing that IG does have a writer on staff working on KI), but otherwise the situation seems pretty far from being one where MS Studios hands IG a design doc and IG handles the plumbing.

Read my comment again. I said character design as in the visually looks of the characters. Like the concept arts. I even mentioned that IG does the rest including the mechanics which encompass combat/animation.

Combat design is character design. Also I think you’ll find that combat and creative design need to overlap substantially, and that the artists working on the meshes and texturing and whatnot need to be represented on the creative design team.

Well am just sharing what Adam has confirmed on the forums a while back. Also Dave Lang in that video interview says pretty much the same thing. MS does the initial character design, IG handles the mechanics.

Citation needed.

Guys, please stop.

Take it into PM’s if you want to continue, please.

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Gonna miss season two shenanigans, but not as much as season one’s.

R.I.P Endless Demon Blade Loops.

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I think it’s not like that. MS/IG discuss all areas of the game together. I’m sure MS has some leverage in what they want, but I’m pretty sure character designs are iterated and peer reviewed by both teams.

So, anyone know when this embargo lifts and we can all see what was released to the press on the 25th?

Tomorrow morning.

PS I am imagining “Goodbye Season Two” to the tune of “Goodby Norma Jean” by Elton John for the purposes of this thread. I’m sure one of you creative times can come up with a verse or two…