WE MADE IT BOIS! (Goodbyes to S2)

I dont even need to go into detail here.

So much site negativity in the past 2 weeks.

I have already seen people scared away from the site because of it.

So much mixed news.

But we only have 5 more days until it is all over.

Can we please stay positive, and remember the things we LOVE about KI?
Remember that the KI we are playing right now is still the same as it was before all this news hit.
So let’s try to take a step back and get some good vibes back.

Let’s talk about ANYTHING but Season 3 for a minute. (seriously, NO S3 talk)

Lets give some love to KI Season 2 before it leaves us.

What are your best Season 2 memories???


I haven’t seen much negativity really. The closest thing to it are the people who think we’re only getting 3 stages (as if that’s a bad thing).

This sort of post kind of welcomes curiosity of recent negativity and trolls honestly.

I get where you are coming from but the best thing to do is just move on, be positive yourself and help contribute to other topics with a good vibe. I suggest changing the header to Season 2 goodbyes or something along the lines so we can embrace this topic as the best memories and not as what has been negative recently or even start to call out people (not you just something that may occur).


I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Season 2 UI as much as I liked the gritty feel of Season 1 so kind of happy about that lol but I will miss a lot of what I got used too. I have invested so much time in leveling up everyone and with the changes of Season 3, I will have to learn a new game - which is great!

It’s been good Season 2, but make room for Season 3 baby!
(I’ll post more in an edit - but I am about to get off the clock at work).

Here is mine:

So KI is my first ever fighting game.
Just IMAGINE what it was like for me to join this game, and see season 2…
It was released in a method that i had never seen before.
1 character a month, each with a silhouette, teaser, Trailer, and of course, STREAM!
It blew my mind with all the Hype and the teasing and the evolving of the season over time.
I stayed up untill past midnight every night to see the new trailers, teases, and to re-install the game hoping to play as a new character before anyone else. The entire season was a Highlight of my gaming life.

I will forever remember my introduction to the FGC through KI. The community, the attitude, the hype, the respect, the challenge, the mind games, the developers love for us, is all incerdible, and i wish everyone could experience it.

SO much better than FPS games.

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I will take your suggestion.

But please, do not talk about season 3 here. Even if it IS a counter to the negativity. I dont want either side of the argument here.

Im changing the title now.

5 more days? did I miss something?
Season 3 release date announced? Price? What’s included on day 1?

No no no no.

In 5 days we get the biggest news drop yet.

No one is sure what it will include, but the logical speculation is the we will get price, and a full content reveal. (NOT the names of evey character, just numbers, like 9 characters, 5 new modes, and retro costumes.) (THAT WAS AN EXAMPLE)

thanks. important news this is, keeping up with KI S3 yes.
i’d skip my mother’s funeral for this now.

#OK PLEASE NO MORE Season 3 talk past this post.
I REALLY dont want to, but after this post, any posts talking about season 3 OR about past season 3 discussion in an off-topic manner will be flagged as “Off topic”.

Season 2 Positivity, please!

I remember when I first saw the new KI and I remember seeing Jago, Wulf and Glacius. They all looked awesome, but at the time I had didn’t know what KI was and I actually thought that the gam would be having those three characters only. Then Thunder came out, followed by Sadira and Orchid. And from there, I’ve been following KI ever since!

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KI was the first FG that I ever truly devoted my time to. It was hard to learn at first but once I got the hang of it I couldn’t get enough. I’ll never forget waiting every month for tidbits of information on new characters, kept it interesting for the entire season.


After getting to play a demo version of S3 at the KI World Kup, I was blown away!!! I cannot wait for the news and even more for the game to drop!!!

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The fact that each character makes me feel like i’m that character. Especially Aganos and spinal. This game is fresh and great!!!


I really like Aria and Shago :smiley:

Too bad I get my ■■■ kicked all the time XD


The thing I enjoyed about KI S3 was the release of Aria,Cinder,and Aganos. Dem teases though. Tease. Trailer. Release. Repeat with a stream.

I’m happy to say I finally got good enough at this game to get all character colors, hit Killer, and defeat Boss Shago before Season 3 comes. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the new characters (Especially Tusk), though thanks to the people here I finally managed to pull myself out of my single player only rut and have a fun challenge with all of you.
It’s been a good run, guys. Here’s to the brightest future imaginable!

Amen :slight_smile:

Watching the Hisako stream again and again before her release. I was incredibly hyped for her to come out, and when she did she eventually became my main - not because she was better than Sadira (she isn’t), but simply because she’s so incredibly fun to play. :smile:

Time and again IG surprised me with just how unique they could make each and every one of these characters. It really was a joy to see each tease and wonder what they were going to come up with next.

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Best Season 2 moment??/
Finding Omen and Maining him from DAY ONE!!! :smiling_imp: (I want my Blue Omen Imp back please sir @rukizzel)

And when I say DAY ONE, I mean from the moment his trailer dropped, before I even got a chance to play him! Omen is everything I like in a character that technically hasn’t been done before from my knowledge.

The day he was released I had to go out of town for a wedding…I brought my GAEMS portable 19inch game monitor case and played Omen in the hotel until the wedding and after! lol

OMEN is my boy!!!

My 2nd favorite moment was the change to Ranked and making it to Killer after a grueling stint in Gold tier… and I can say I made it just before it got easy with the flood of Cam and Games with Gold users that hit recently.
I learned a lot from the Gold tier though and I believe it is were players really learn their chops and become more advanced.

Good bye Season 2…Hello Season THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Thank you miss Season 2 for bringing me Omen.

Yahh… HAHAHAHAHAAAAA (Read this in Omen’s voice).

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