Visceral Games got shut down by EA

Electronic Arts just now shut/close down Visceral Games, the developers/development team for AND behind the Dead Space series.

Once more: Fuckk you, go fuckk yourselves, AND most of all fuckk off EA :angry: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :fu:

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Well goodbye dead space 4;(

Well, it was going to happen. EA sucks life out of every gamedev company it makes deal with.

EA is true necromorph.

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Stay away from gunfire games. I’m still waiting on Darksiders 3

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See I’m a bit confused by this. They brought in Amy Hennig and clearly had to have known that they were designing a game that was a linear, single player experience. So they let it get this far in to development and then they close Visceral and opt to “refocus” the game with what appears to be a more long term experience?

To me, that reads like they want to be able to monetize the game long term, which would presumably go above and beyond added DLC chapters or something along those lines. I shouldn’t judge from the outside, but it honestly sounds like they wanted a game made, then decided to completely change directions, which either smacks of poor leadership on EA’s end, or perhaps even something more sinister.

Perhaps they wanted an Amy Hennig story and the bones of a Visceral developed game, only to take it and give it to another developer so they could cram loot boxes, microtransactions and a bunch of other garbage in to it.

Obviously there’s ZERO indication that this is the case and I should probably take my tin foil hat off, but if this game ever sees the light of day, I’ll be really curious to see what it’s turned in to versus what it might’ve been had the game not been refocused.

Either way, it sucks for all the people that just lost their jobs. For once, I wish that when EA takes a bath in bad PR, it actually affected their bottom line to such an extent that they actually listened to their fans and not just the bottom line. I get that they have to make money, but still. This whole thing just sounds oily as hell.

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The main thing I’m worried about is that EA felt the need to do this for these reasons when Battlefront 2, a long-term service game and a Star Wars title itself, is already on the horizon. Makes me suspect that EA is now thinking that all of their major titles need to be multiplayer microtransaction-fueled products.


R.I.P dead space, we will never be whole again. im going to replay 1 and 2 and go through my novels (and graphic novels) and read them again. the lore was fantastic and very fresh for me. true space horror.

fuckk your own face EA.


Dead space 1 and 2 are true horror games in my opinion.

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Now what’s wrong with Gunfire Games or are you telling Electronic Arts to basically STAY/KEEP AWAY from that game studio/development team?

But NOT 3, I presumed?

3 missed the mark. fuckkk that bullshitt

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Yeah, I mean they’ve been doing the card pack crap in FIFA, NHL and Madden for a while now, I believe. Thankfully, none of that has infringed upon the main game (at least not with NHL and Madden, haven’t played FIFA in a while).

I mean, on one hand, I don’t want to bash a company for trying to find alternative revenue streams. Making games isn’t cheap. But on the other hand, EA has a reputation for not only shuttering some fantastic developer studios, but also for trying to take players for all their worth.

I don’t mind optional stuff like DLC levels, cosmetics, etc. If I like a game, I usually tend to want more of it. But this generation seems to be going too far with loot boxes and now stuff that seems to actually impact gameplay, and EA’s Battlefront 2 beta issues coupled with why Visceral appears to have been shuttered come off as some of the oiliest examples to date.

It really feels like they’re not simply trying to create games as services, but games as addictions. They want people to keep pumping money in to their games over the course of time, and when some of the payouts, like loot boxes, are completely random, it really does give off a gambling vibe. Shame the ESRB doesn’t currently seem to agree.

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Telling EA to stay away because I don’t want them to kill the Darksiders 3 project.

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I am so nervous for Bioware… I don’t want EA to kill them too…


As a Mass Effect fan, this will make me saddened.

I’m mainly a fan of the Dragon Age series, as I prefer fantasy RPGs over sci-fi shooters, but I do like the ME games… even Andromeda, though I do indeed recognize it has its problems. It was a mistake to have the Montreal team, which was a lot smaller and had only handled DLC and ports in the past, to make a whole game from scratch, and then put a deadline on it which meant they just couldn’t polish the game enough… And that’s all EA’s fault.

Now the Montreal team has been shut down / merged with the main team, I just hope these mistakes won’t happen again to avoid the disaster that ME:A’s launch was… because if it happens again, something tells me that it’s bye-bye Bioware. And that would make me incredibly sad.

So I’m excited for the upcoming Dragon Age 4 and very invested in its success…

bioware studio that did andromeda got shut down and the IP shelved indefinitely

What? Seriously? Really? It happened just now? :neutral_face:

Figures. Andromeda had a rough launch. It’s by no means a bad game, but the success of the launch for a game is critical for the overall health of the game.

Hopefully they get someone that can take the mantle of the Mass Effect series and be successful.

No it wasn’t. It was absorbed into another EA studio and the future of ME:A is still “unknown”. So those ppl still have jobs and work for EA, just under different leadership.

Ah ok. That’s a little bit of breathing room, lol.

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