VERY spoiled (and bratty) little girl

By far one of the worst tantrums I have ever seen from a very young child (and also somewhat hysterical, at least to me :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

The sad thing is Adults throw tantrums too.


Adults are just Tall Children… dont tell anyone I said that… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Old people are just young people that have aged for a longer period of time.


I don’t get why parents think they need to record stuff like this. Why anyone would want to show their kids at their absolute worst to the world is beyond me. I mean aside from that I think the mom did an… adequate… job of handling the situation save for filming. Personally I would have been a bit more…strict. Typically when my kids have gotten hysterical like that they would have been made to sit still until they calmed down, so there hasn’t been much breaking stuff or knocking over things in our household over the years.
But spoiled and bratty? Nah. A kid throwing a bit of a temper tantrum doesn’t necessarily mean spoiled or bratty…it mostly depends on the frequency and intensity of incidents. For all we know this was just a one-off thing and otherwise she’s a happy, loving kid.

One of the absolute worst tantrums I ever saw was from a guy I worked with in a warehouse who was in his early 30’s and thought he was a bad-*** mother******* …he came into work early
on the day before a holiday without being told to thinking it would endear the supervisor to let him go home early. It didn’t. His tantrum made that little girl’s look tame in comparison.

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Yeah when I was 21 and had an internship, I didn’t get let off early.Not that I cared, I came to work and that’s what I was going to do.

showing up to work early will give you props from the supervisor, but not an early end to it. My supervisor did say I didn’t have too but was proud sense most folks my age at the time don’t care about their jobs.

I guess it’s because of the changes in society in most places of the country.

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^This absolutely. The obsession people have today with recording and capturing stuff is insane. People need to focus less on sharing their life and focus more on living it.

Maturity is a very scarce thing in the world today, and there’s a lot of adults who are actually just pretending to be.

And that’s getting worse.

I blame the actual lack of discipline in society as a whole.


Yup and it happens to be coming from a lot of folks in my generation.

Which generation is yours?

if that was me, such transgressions wouldve been met with either the dreaded chankla, the fly swatter of doom, or the belt of anguish lmao. no mercy cobra kai discipline even when i injured myself. after i kicked my own ■■■, id get another haha


For me it would be spanking if not that it’d be the belt. Thankfully those for me were rare. My parents lectured me when I did something bad and they always gave a second chance. ■■■■■ it up it;s discipline. They taught me well.

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I was spanked as a child, but only when I got really, really out of line, so that was rare.

In today’s environment, if you spank your child, you’re likely to be charged and vilified.

Personally, I believe abuse should be stopped, but I see a difference between physical abuse and firm discipline. I believe the lack of proper discipline in general, as well as parents focusing more on trying to be their child’s friend as opposed to being their child’s parent, is what’s led to so many of the issues with the millennial generation as a whole.

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Yup the same way with me. in my state that’s one thing that’s maintained.

sorry had to edit this.

If I’m being honest, I always hated entitled attitudes. I even had to stop watching the r/slash stories. Even though the ones doing the entitlements do get their come upits, I still had to avoid watching to avoid my mood being soured.

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ive gotten my share of lectures too. but i agree that the lack of discipline has pretty much affected alot of society for millenials and gen Z’rs. sure we were pretty bad in our day, but these days its on a new level because of cellphone devices and the havoc that can do. worse, parents are giving these devices to them before they’re even 4 years old so they ■■■■ around a ton

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I’m almost to the point where I believe it’s a rite of passage for a good parent to have the department of human services called on them at least once.
I think the elementary schools had DHS called on us maybe 4 times when my older 2 kids were growing up. Every time investigation concluded that they were wasting their time over a misunderstanding.

I was spanked when I was a kid. Just like you, only when I really got out of line. I’ve done the same with my kids. I never do it to lash out or vent on them, it’s always been an attention-grabber so we could then rationally work things out. They’re 17 and 15 now, and for the most part they’re pretty good kids.

@justathereptile IMHO, entitlement is more of a lack of life experience thing more than a generation _____ thing. I believe I fall under the tail end of Gen X (IIRC the cutoff between them and melinneals is 1981-ish?) and I know when I was younger I had a pretty entitled attitude. My first job, I quit simply because they didn’t give me the hours I wanted to work. I only wanted to work 2 or 3 days a week, and they scheduled me for 5. I had nothing else going on at the time. I had just got out of college. But I didn’t want to work that much, so I just didn’t show up for work one day, which was an immediate termination. Since then though I’ve had enough ups and downs to realize that that was an incredibly stupid thing to do.
The big issue with all of this stuff is that you can’t see the results of how behaviors will ultimately affect anything until long after the fact. Will millions of people acting like dumbasses today still be dumbasses 20 years from now? Will their kids be even more of dumbasses than their parents? Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no. Someday we’ll see.


Well I can see that being an interesting idea you have there. I was spoiled sometimes as a kid, but I had my parents to set me straight and I’m grateful for that. That was also why I never got along at least 2 kids i had in my classes when I was growing up.


I hate when employees get thoughts in there head like this and then get upset when it doesnt pan out. SO annoying. Work doesnt stop just because something thinks they are getting off early ect… makes my blood boil now just thinking about it.


True there, sometimes, you can’t have it your way. Now if your not feeling well and need rest then ask them to send you home. My friend has also had a coworker who was lazy and just doesn’t want to work.

That’s mentality I don’t get. Because
1: They applied for the job and the information they provide suggests they can do the job.
2: They know things cost money, and they need that money to pay for things.
3: They also know that they will get fired if they don’t do their job.

If they hate it so much then they should just quit and get a better job.


It seems to be different, depending on the anthropologist doing the classification, but generally speaking, I believe the milennial generation is around '81 to 2000. Gen Z is 2001 to now.

So generally, '80 and before for twenty years would be Gen X.