Anyone out there playing Vampyr?? Im enjoying it so far… its a good mix between Bloodborne and some Assassin’s Creed skills in my opinion. I also like how keeping the community healthy makes the game harder and killing the community makes it easier as that’s how you level up your XP.
Definitely some interesting mechanics Ive never encountered before.
Ive been trying to stream it the last couple night and going forward at 9pm -11pm central time. Come by and check it out!

Here is a clip from RadBrad if you havent seen the game.



However, I haven’t gotten far, because I keep screwing up, so I’ve started over 6 times now. XD

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I’m planning to get it. It seems very interesting. I’m still stuck with the evil within 2 and hellblade though.

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I beat Hellblade way back when it released on PS4. great game but the combat was a bit repetitive. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH HEADPHONES RIGHT???

Im still on Evil Within 1 so I havent beat that yet so i cant move to part 2 yet. But I will eventually!

Im still at the beginning as well. I just got the Gun dealers wallet and the medicine from the store room so Im not far in. There is a lot to learn in the Xp, skill tree and upgrade menus. Im trying to soak it all in so it makes sense. I just figured out the whole kill to level up and do not kill to make it harder and keep the community strong.

Yes. Headphones on.

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I’m kinda frustrated while exploring and trying to do side-quests, all the mobs are double/triple my level. After the first night you get these side-quests, but you have to head into areas where everyone are like level 11-19, while I’m only level 6. So I keep dying. And because you only level after you’ve slept, there’s a lot of things which can go wrong because you didn’t get to do them that night, like people dying from sickness and what-not.

So yeah, it’s a bit frustrating, but at the same time, it’s really fun!

So are you trying to not eat the NPCs? Thats how you level up… thats the critical decision…to kil or not to kill. I find my self going through all their dialogue which gets tiresome but I feel like Im going to miss something. If I end up getting to where you are and die to often…Im eating someone!!! lol

I tried, but then found out that NPC had something to do with another side-quest, so… I started over. XD

I am trying not to eat anyone, and yes… it’s freaking hard.

Wow, that sounds like a cool mechanic! Been a while since I’ve played a fun vampire game. Legacy of Kain: Defiance, maybe? Nah, couldn’t have been THAT long ago, could it? Ah well, speaking of LoK, how’s the story in this game so far? Just curious.

I like the way you describe it, @FallofSeraphs76, so I’m certainly interested. This one wasn’t really on my radar before, but I’ll definitely have to look in to it now. Thanks for the heads up!

im very interested in this game, i am gonna wish list it for later!

and wtb Blood Omen Legacy of Kain HD remaster lol

The story is cool…he is a surgeon returning from the War and ends up caught between being a vampire and figuring out why it happened…but also in the midst of the town being swarm by the plague. So he feels the need to help others or help his own thirst for blood!

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Definitely have had my eyes on this, and reviews are decent if a bit mixed. I’ll probably rent it for a day on the weekend to test the waters.

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*The Spanish Flu, as it were. The plague was a few centuries back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

YEah I knew that wasnt right but its close enough for a description. I couldnt think of it to save my life! lol

Ah, that does sound cool! I’ll have to check this out. Thanks again, man!

Played last night for over a hour and it was nothing but Dialogue and questions for 50 mins. I was like OMG let s go! Go find this person ask them about so and so, then go find that person, ask them about hte mysterious man… each having a dialogue tree of about 12 different questions.
This is the only part I dont like so far. Too much dialogue and questions.

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Exactly. Who the #!@% cares about story? Just let us bite someone! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once I got past that 2nd night of playing that was full of dialouge it opened up a bit more. I got much better at combat and added 1 of each skill. I still find myslef rushing thrugohthe dialouge trees thouhg… it is a bit over kill. Im taking a break tonight and playing some Bloodborne… there is just nothing like it.

It’s not an action game. It’s an RPG. It’s about the dialogue, it’s about learning about your colleagues and patients, the people around the city, etc. The combat is secondary in this game. If that’s not your cup of tea, fair enough, but that’s what the game is about.

I know what its about…just change the fact that it gets boring and repetitive…its a great game but it needs better balance. There are many many ppl complaining about it much more than I am…so much they quit the game and took it back.