Unlocking Characters Offline PC WIN 10 HELP!

Hi , so i bought this game about a week ago on PC and today i have a few issues with my internet connection. Right now i’m using my cellphone connection to write something here.
Basically when my PC was completly offline i couldn’t get access to any of my character except Riptor Kilgore and Jago… the rest is completly locked out and greyed out EVEN THOUGH i bought the definitive edition from the store.
I already read about this problem , and so far the best solution was to literally use a cellphone connection for a sec , shut down the connection so that u have authorization … but this is a little BS!!
If possible i want a method to have my characters OFFLINE at all time without the need to have a connection on hand at everymoment (i get it it may sound dumb in this day and age to not have at least cellphone connection but it’s still a dumb thing to not allow content that you bought to be available at all time) cause if i don’t have internet for any reason , this game is worthless. I may hate SFV but AT LEAST that game allows you to buy and then keep all ur characters … and i can’t believe i’m praising that game for something :S Please HELP!!!

The PC Version of KI is online only. The devs are aware…this topic came up numerous times and they don’t want to talk about it. They probably fear piracy to much. MS is very conservative when it comes to DRM and modding. On the other hand, Gears of War 4 was online only when it was released and they patched in an offline mode, so maybe we will get something at some point.

Really ?! nothing at all ? D:
Man … i hope these servers do not shut down cause if they do … boy i would have wasted money :S

Not true. I can use all the characters i bought (all 3 seasons, kilgore, shago) offline with no problem. I believe it is a certificate issue. Alot of people had problems because of how cookie cutter the distribution of the game is. Or maybe im just the lucky one. But I just went and rechecked and it still works fine for me without a connection.

He talks about pc version.
Pc version of ki is always online app.
A shame.
sometimes i dont have internet connection in my pc… no killer instinct day… i hate the always online decision. devs dont talk about this.

I have the PC version and have everything offline. So either mine is bugged or alot of everyone elses is… You dont think its peculiar that some people have SOME characters available but not all of them? or rather not ANY of them instead?

Wait … maybe it’s a guess but … WHERE did ya buy the game ? From the ingame store (which sends you to the store itself) or from your browser by going in the store from the site ?

PC made you download the base game first and I bought it via the in game store. The browser would be the xbox store. I dont believe microsoft has its store via a browser only the actual ms store app… but you cant buy any of the seasons through it.

i think … i got it ._. when i was researching this fact , i stumbled upon many on this forum who had this problem … HOWEVER … someone on reddit said that “apparently” the certification seems to be given ONLY through the In-Game Shop. So much that the first time he bought it from the site but then asked for a refund and REBOUGHT the same game , but from the ingame shop and got it all running. This would also explaing why Kilgore is the only one available offline … he was bought from the ingame shop thus giving the permission files… at least that’s what i’m gathering from ALL this stuff i’m reading.
So … does that mean that i have to ask a refund just for that ?! D: Right now i’m re-downloading the game … who knows maybe it’ll unlock


If it’s the digital download version, one work-around I found is to download each character individually or in a season pack from the store. It should give the option to download instead of purchase.

Once that’s done, the downloaded characters should all be available for offline play.

Where can i do that ? I bought the definitive edition of the game. And currently on the Store i can’t find the single files. If u can give me any link i would appreciate. Where can i download them singularly ? On PC the game downloads a big package which is of around 32 GB which then turn in 41

If you have access to an Xbox One console, you could download them from the console’s Store site. After that, start up KI on PC, let the data synchronize, then exit KI. After that you should be able to use all characters offline.

Although I did try looking on microsoft.com store website for the characters’ download links, but it only either says “Buy” or “Already owned” for me, with no download or install link.

The problem is i don’t have anyone with an XBOX ONE to use. Right now i only have PC.
So … just to recap. The only ways i could have used the game are:
Buy the game from the in-game shop on PC OR Download XBOX One characters so that the authorization syncs with my PC and thus i can use … that’s some BS WAY to unlock characters OFFLINE o_O

This must be adressed and fixed …
Why no oficial word?
we need a fix.
pc port without internet connection , is broken.
I need to know how we can make more noise.
We need a answer.
We pay for this game.
My word is diriged to microsoft.
Nothing bad about IG-
And nothing bad about you, adam, We love you.
Please, give to us a answer.
God bless you

I can confirm, that Kilgore ist the only character apart from Riptor, I can play offline and he is the only one I acquired in the ingame store. So yes it isn’t intentional.

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PC version with no connection is non existant … it’s like a literal fake game. I would say it’s almost Illegal. This reminds me of Diablo 3 On PC vs Consoles but in that case it was a DESIGN CHOICE made by the producers since one is mostly for couch multiplayer and the other one is PURELY for Multiplayer over internet (Hence the ONLINE ONLY game there on PC)
However KI has people who do have it available offline while others not … problem is that there’s no word by the producers. I’m new here barely a week but right now , i spent 39 with the fear of literally finding my game non playable because servers are down or i can’t connect online.
Hell i honestly wish that this game would be hacked JUST for the Offline Game alone so that i can play with friends … right now this is just BS Policy all together.
And if what @anon54587717 is true then Microsoft is an A Hole as well cause it means they wants us to buy a console just for the honor of playing this game offline … this is reaaaaally stretching it , i don’t care if Fighting Games are mostly online experiences … i wanna have the chance of playing this game offline with all my content i payed for

ehm can u rewrite this ? xD u missed a few letters at the beginning so the message is a little confusing.

What did I miss? :sweat_smile:

I can pretty much tell you that the reason its so fubared is due to how the content is released and that its “cross buy”. Alot of people bought the characters/seasons what have you as dlc from the xbox store (which you can also do via xbox.com) instead of via the in game store which confuses the certification process. So it adds a second variable in communication with the product. So instead of going from point a to point c it has to go through point b to get to c. If you dont have an xbone AND a pc you are kind of hosed in getting your full product as it has to verify via an xbox1 instead of just going straight to the game on pc. It is not an intentional design, it is an overlooked one. And since they are concerned about bringing out new content for a bit now, its also an unfortunately overlooked flaw.

A flaw that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a PC user that doesn’t have an Xbox One and doesn’t want to have one to begin with because he knows that all Xbox One Games now come on PC from the get go (see GOW 4 they actually fixed the issue allowing offline)