Unlocking Characters Offline PC WIN 10 HELP!

Im not saying it doenst suck to have this problem or even condoning it. Im just saying they didnt make what is happening intentional. It is a literal bug and a bad design choice on their part. They chose to allow you to buy pc content via xbox marketplace without even owning an xbox. I dont think they fully realized that there would be problems communicating between the two. I also dont think they thought this would even factor in or even be an issue. Also remember KI was pretty much the first cross buy/cross platform game that came out before they even did that play anywhere program. In a way KI was the guinea pig. I hope it gets resolved so you guys can play offline. Offline gaming and gaming preservation is important to me as well but dont start saying this was made on purpose. Be patient, see if you can communicate with the devs more and hopefully it gets resolved.

Any channel we can use ? I’m new here so i don’t know those channels.
PS: also i get , i don’t wanna look like the hater of the occasion , but it’s still something that pretty much baffles me xD don’t get it the wrong way

Im pretty sure they are aware of the situation. There was a similar post from a few months ago. But I believe there is a bug reporting thread and you can also tag the developers like @developers and maybe @rukizzel an shed some light if he is able to and if he knows about it.

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Spanish user here.
You can explain in steps how to solve the bug?
If i need a xbox one, please tell me how to recertificate the game in pc.
I bought the game in xbox one .
i sell my xbox one
But now i have a pc.
tanks A LOT

Right … which would really suck bc this game is so awesome.

has any dev responded to anyone about this yet? I havent been the lucky one …

heck … i might do this anyway … although reluctantly …

Outside of tagging devs, and not getting any answers (if someone has a dev response, please post it here for us to see), how do we communicate with them about this issue?
Has anyone been able to successfully communicate about this issue with the devs?

Maybe post in other parts of the forum, like the suggestions section or the bug section. One that isnt just general topics. I dont know. If you look at most devs out there, they never even respond or show you that they are listening so what IG is doing is a lot better than what any other dev does with its communication.

I suggest posting into the official Bug reporting thread: Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

totally agree with this.

I guess this has been one of those situations, where they’ve been like other developers …

The world is not going to end because we have to connect our game online before . As most of us has came up with our own solution.