Ultimates would bring in fresh HYPE-factor and more casuals


This is something I’ve been thinking about occasionally… and I’m sure it has been brought up previously many times.

I seriously think the add of Ultimates for all characters would be a GREAT way to bring the game back to life. You guys @developers have proven that you are gods at making a great game with excellent mechanics, BUT we seriously need some more sailsmanship going on here.

Watching the Twitch directory, it pains my heart to see that ■■■■■■-■■■ sellout SFV tournaments gets 7000 + viewers, while KI gets like 1000 at most. And this is just because SF is SF and available on PS4 + PC (win7), while KI is obscure and only available on Xbone and PC (win10)… it has nothing to do with the quality of the games. People just watch SF because that’s where everyone’s at, and people don’t watch KI because almost no one is there. Peer pressure factor much. Also I guess it’s not as easy to grasp… it would be nice to have like a ticker in the overlays at tournaments that explained various terms… Like “Autodoubles refer to a lenient combo that activates two punch hits or two kick hits” or something like that…


Killer Instinct would do well with introducing some freshness! Something that is Youtube-Hype material!
Capcom recently added stage transitions… and I thought it was silly, but I was surprised that I was actually entertained by the fresh feeling of something new happening on the screen, even if there’s no mechanic effect on it.

You know all those MK kids? SO MANY of them would probably take a closer look at KI if we got some badass Ultimates!


Please consider it.


I understand your point, Ixion, but we already have ultras and stage ultras, both flashy and entertaining and eye-catching, that nobody does in tournaments for some reason. EDIT: And if they make ultimate triggers the way they made Shago’s (must be on green life bar) then it will be even rarer.

Not to mention there are other reasons KI viewership isn’t good, like really stupid time slots.

I’m not against the devs adding ultimates, I’m just saying that if people aren’t even gonna show them to new players then I doubt it would really help. Just my thoughts.


I’ve seen shago’s ultimate in tourney, but it’s only from the small group of tourney people who like to do full ultras.

Nobody does ultras in tournaments because ain’t nobody got time for that. People just want to get to their matches and games run late enough as it is without people wasting time doing ultras after every match. Plus after a few times people will just get bored of them anyway since they’re so repetitive.




To be fair, this post provides constructive reasoning.

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It’s been done before. Just in slightly different ways. So it still counts. This is a short term plan. And not a long one. Because what happens when people get bored of those? Then they either complain or leave.

Gotta think about the big picture here. And this again is short term planning. Humans get bored so easily afterall. Gamers especially.

I’d like an instant kill simple move other than ultra Enders while showing a close up of the killer instinct character like in mortal Kombat x character viewer

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It seems this ship has sailed… Sadly we may never see any other characters with ultimates besides shago.
There’s a lot of people asking for this feature at this forums. Up to now, this is all we have:

Ultimates are a “just for fun” feature. Not for tournament purposes i guess. If there was a variety of finishers surely we would see them at the tournaments more often. People dont do it because there’s only one finisher in the game. Stage ultra kinda accidentally happen sometimes.
I think you’re right. Ultimates would be another sweet ride for KI 2017.


People don’t do it because ultras waste time. If you added more finishers I think you’d see just about the same number being used overall in tournaments.

yep. But im speaking of ultimates. They are quick executions. However, i see its not related with tournaments. Its something like “do it if you wish”.

Looking at Shago’s ultimate compared to his ultra, the time difference isn’t that noticeable.

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Wow here I suggest a quite simple way of boosting KI’s space on the world map and everyone be like “Yo this is not gud”. :stuck_out_tongue:

No but seriously… One ultimate for every character, that you would be able to quickfinish with MP+MK just like ultras, I mean why not? It’s just something to create a bigger name for the game. Something that gets peoples eyes on it and go “WOW, that’s cool af! What is this game!?”

And of course you would not use it as Shago does, it would be used exactly like ultras.

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Don’t ultra enders serve that purpose enough already though? I hope you realize that the cinematic nature of ultimates compared to ultras makes it harder to program something like that in and make it look good.

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They kinda serve the same purpose yes, but they are not very original to the characters and become quite dry.
In any case, ultimates would just be really fresh. Something new.
Like I see no reason why it would be a BAD idea.

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really? So i might have timing issues… Shago’s ultra feels like 10 secs and his ultimate are about 4 secs

Development time? Budget?

This is what the devs have to consider every time they make decisions as to what to put in the game.

Just rewatched his ultimate and timed it at around 11 seconds.

and his ultra 17 secs more or less. Its kinda poitless now since there’s no any word of new features incoming to KI. All i can do is dream…

Then what do you think the S3 survey was for? Or the textual stream in a few weeks?

Not to mention we’re already promised Shago/Omen colors/accessories and more content for Shadow Lords.

Patience, friend.


Well. What else should they do when it comes to development?
More characters would be nice but I don’t think it’s that time yet.
Balancing some of the OP stuff. Shouldn’t take forever.
Have every character have 3 autodoubles instead of 6, can be done quickly.
But this alone will basically only benefit the already existing player base I believe…

Ultimates to bring in in HYPE and NEW players, I believe in this.