Ultimates Ultra Pack


ARIA’s Ultimate was better than what I imagined. Good work IG.


Okay, just saw aria’s and WOW that is actually pretty similar to what I had said I was hoping to see(not exactly the same but close enough)
The white flash at the end gives it that classic anime feel, which now that I think about it, the top 5 so far(imo) seem to be largely anime inspired.(Jago, Tusk, Fulgore, Kilgore, Aria in no particular order) I’m starting to think future ultimates should just stick with that approach.

While its true that I’ve been on the “just show it” train. I will say Aria’s the perfect balance of “tame” and…for lack of a better term “flare”


Don’t get why the stab was censored but it was really stylish. Best one since Tusk’s.


It’s not censored if it was never intended to be shown.


But why wouldn’t they show it? Not even a little bit? I can get it with Tusk, but with ARIA? Don’t really get it.


Just came back and saw this ultimate. It was totally worth the wait. I liked it except for one tiny nitpick. The part where the blade launced the opponent up didn’t feel right. If it could’ve been a tad longer and show that the opponent went higher would’ve been nice. It didn’t feel like the blade launched Thunder that high. I would rate it 9.9/10


It was made that way to let you fill in the gaps, as well as to pay homage to anime tropes.


Couldn’t there have been a stab and then the explosion? Just for a quick moment? Well, at least the Ultimate is a lot of fun to watch.


Super Dope! All it needs is some “Cha la head cha la” music from dbz and it’s perfect!


This is something I posted in another similar thread, I thought it was worth repeating here. It doesn’t necessarily apply to your post per-se, just the whole “Why aren’t the Ultimates as extreme as I think they should be” argument in general:

It may just be me, but with the way they’ve been doing everything in KI in regards to content it feels like to me their approach has been to make the game mature enough to be enjoyable for adults, but not so edgy that if a 3-year-old walked into the room you have to scramble to go shut it off or risk traumatizing the kid (MKX) or have to explain to their daycare why they’re all of a sudden telling everyone “I’ll kick your @ss!!” (R. Mika’s intro, SFV).

To you young whippersnappers that just got out of diapers and are wanting to prove you’re big boys and girls now by surrounding yourselves with any content labeled “adults only” this may seem a foreign or limiting concept to have a game intentionally not go as extreme as it can go, but for those 20+ year fans that are all grown up with lives and families, MS/IG’s forthought to keep the edgyness toned down just enough that we can enjoy KI even with the rugrats scurrying around in front of us is very welcome.


while a good argument, I don’t think it’s fair to assume anyone who wants violence in their games are people getting out of diapers :> that’s honestly just as nuts as someone saying you’re not an adult for wanting an edgier KI.


Eh…a little bit of sarcastic hyperbole, but for the most part it does seem like the majority of the camp making the big push to put the game firmly into “M” territory is more concerned with keeping all the things they enjoy firmly in the realm of adult swim/ hang out with your college buddies and a few beers time than they are with MS making a product that just about anyone could enjoy regardless of who else is in the room with them.


Am I the only one who wants more ‘Thud power’ in the audio ?

that end aria pose tho :eyes:

She’s in the Michael Jackson tippy toe knee bend



:hearts: ARIA :hearts:

so glad to finally see this ultimate, i can’t wait to actually start using it :smiling_imp:


Ok. That’s was actually pretty cool! I’m sick of the white screen though. Stop already with that.


I’ve actually wodnered hat they could for the end of that otherwise the Ultimate is one of the best :3


I’m kind of meh on this one. I appreciate that a supreme victory with Aria involves keeping all three bodies alive and it’s neat that they have incorporated it into the ultimate. But I would rate this much below Riptors…

Having said that, I’m glad that a lot of people like it and I hope it makes more people play ARIA.


Oh yeah, it’s very sexy lol.


Quite provocative too (including her cybernetic robo butt/bum, I believe) I must say :wink: :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Surprise! I made another KI Ultimate Alternate Ending video, this time with ARIA!

Once again, I like to remind all of you that don’t expect too much on what you are about to see. It’s something you may not expect. And I had put so much effort put into this, so please appreciate it and enjoy! Also, there is a little neat bonus near the end. It’s something that should have been in the previous KI Ultimate Alternate Ending video…and you know who that is!

FIGHT ON!!! :sunglasses: