Ultimates Ultra Pack


ITS a 100 / 100 @VladKravich OMG im in fulltime love





Hey everyone wants a perfect score.


What’s a supreme victory for Aria? It’s winning without losing a single body right?


I’d say fulgore’s to me is a perfect 10/10.


These best sum up why this KI is not trying to be 100% like the old KI


yeah but if you at least use aria a lil bit you will understand that thats a perfect note there , this ultimate is 10/10 bro :yum: remember me goldorak and patlabor


Now I want Plane / Voltron form to be controllable in game lol. That was great! I kinda thought the drones would be involved too, but the last part was rather unexpected and fun. Good stuff!


Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh…

That was a nice ultimate.

The drones attacking were not great, so it started pretty average, 6/10, but the end half was everything an ultimate should be. Creative camera use, creative character use, and a final hit that had IMPACT. The final hit was set up so nice, that it doesn’t matter that it was off screen. 10/10.

Final score: 8/10.

I can see myself enjoying pulling this off, AND enjoying watching it after getting bodied. I’m already imagining the hype this will bring to tournaments.

Great job, Devs.


Couldn’t all that time and effort be spent scripting better finishers?


He’s the community manager, he doesn’t make the game


Eh. It’s ok. I dunno, it doesn’t really do it for me. But hey, if others think it’s great, more power to them.

Anyway, keep it up devs, you’re doing a great job!!


Since Aria gets supreme victories as long as two bodies are alive regardless of how much health she has, i say prepare to see this ultimate a lot.


In my viewing of aria’s ultimate all I was thinking was ANIMIEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Lol. That would require that there be many players who actually use the character :-p

Definitely expect to see Sleep using this one in tournament a fair bit though.


9/10. That was awesome. Question, you can activate ultimate’s when you get a supreme victory. ARIA can get a supreme victory if she loses a body part? Can she activate her ultimate if only has 2 body parts or all 3?


We good sir, are in agreement.




That was great! My favorite 1 so far