Ultimates Q&A

Still looks kinda weird though lol

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Is Shago’s Ultimate getting retweek or will it still remain the same?


Who’s ultimate is the ultimate ultimate?



Just one more time. Ultimate. That is all.

Will there be a new character premiering next to the ultimates?

Will all Ultimates use the same input commands as Shago’s?

Will the new Ultimates have the same restrictions as Shago’s? (ie. First health bar, opponent being Ultra-able)

Will characters from KI1/2 get Retro Ultimates? If so, will they require owning/using Retro Costumes?

Will certain Ultimates require specific, unique requirements? (ie. Aganos having chunks, Kilgore being Overheated, Gargos having minions out)

Will it be possible to go from a Double Ultra to an Ultimate with Instinct?

Will Glacius and Gargos be able to Ultimate from a ranged combo, or will they have to get up close like they do Ultras?

What are some of your favourite Ultimates that were ultimately left on the cutting room floor?

Will there be Humiliations?

Which Ultimate deals the most hits?

Will ARIA be immune to Ultimates while in Instinct Mode?

Will ARIA’s ultimates be dependent on her remaining drones, or will she regen them like she does in her Ultra?

Every question that can be asked has basically been asked… uh…

Nah seriously I got nothin. Couldn’t even think of a garbage joke question.

Will Aganos do the rock bottom?

Will Mira stop sucking for her ultimate?

But isn’t that point of her playstyle?

Does Fulgore’s Hype Beam go up to 11 for his Ultimate?

Serious question, since it looks like Ultras can be cancelled into Ultimates now, do you have to start with the Ultra first or can you just go straight into an Ultimate (once the conditions are met) like you can with Shadow Jago?

EDIT: I’ll second the ‘Are we getting Humiliations?’ Because the game does need some more silly elements to it. Maybe have the same requirements for those as Ultimates but you cannot have blocked the entire match? An idea.


will they be free or will we have to pay like the dlc costumes?

I just want a price and if everyone is getting them I lookin at Jago I can’t even begin to imagine what say aganos and arias ultimate could be

Aganos could be a much more nasty rockslide. Like, “death by stoning” style rockslide. Or he could punch them right out of the map through a wall, or just slowly crush them by rolling like a living steamroller…

Aria’s will probably be totally anime. Lasers, and teleporting sword slashes, probably something flight-based too, like grabbing and taking them into the stratosphere before an Ultratech satellite blasts them/crashes into them/etc. Or call in a massive Ultratech airstrike. Or call in a full army of ARIA drones to blast and slice them into paste…

Lots of great possibilities.

Will any ultimates involve screen splats a la TJ Combo’s KI1’s no mercy? - https://youtu.be/u-k4WfvT6nA?t=3m54s


Will ultimates be added to the dojo so I can practice it, or do I have to figure it out mid match?

Will Shadow Jago’s be updated to reflect the cinematic pose that Jago does (and presumably the other characters do?)

Do any of these have some new voice acting or cool one-liners?

Which one is the most comical and which one is the most brutal?

For the guest characters: will any other characters from their home series make an appearance during the Ultimate?

As we heard some people nervously assume…do we have to pay for these? And if so, how much?

And, of course: Can we see another Ultimate on video?! (please and thank you :slight_smile: )

Maybe the ultimate can be cancelled at any time during an ultra? Or maybe they changed it.

Will Ultimates be released in waves, or will they all come at once for every character?

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Can I be a character with my own ultimate? It would just be me awkwardly flailing my arms.


Wait, there’s an ultimate blog?

Shoot, is that my question?

In all seriousness I mostly just want to know when they are coming and how many we are getting. I don’t expect we will get 26 at once.

It’s probably also worth asking if they all require the first full health bar, then what is Aria going to do? Measure her total health to half? Require her to have all three bodies alive? Two bodies alive?

I would guess “all three bodies alive”. Likely based on the same requirements as a Supreme Victory. Which means, hypothetically, you could get an Ultimate literally three hits from death. Which would be hilarious.