Ultimates Q&A

Well Maya shrink her opponent? :wink:

Will we get an ultimate theme you know like instead of the static theme. Maybe a heartbeat in the background ala game over screen from classic KI?


How difficult was it having (or how difficult will it be) to make various camera angles for the character’s ultimates?

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Read his backstory. He totally is.

Born into a venerable aristocratic German family


Will the ultimates transition smoothly like shadow jago? Like before he does his ultimate he lunges with his sword. But when i watch jagos it just switches to his ultimate looks awkward… lol


Will we be getting multiple ultimates for each character or will they all just get one?

  1. What is the violence threshold allowed for ultimates?
    For example in KI 1&2 Jago’s Endokuken ultimate reduced his enemy to a smoldering husk, as we can see in the Jago ultimate teaser the enemy is kind of just covered with flame particles but otherwise okay. We know that Hisako’s command grab was censored so the blade didn’t pierce thorough the opponent’s back, will this kind of censorship be implemented in the ultimates? What is the cutoff, Aganos’ stage ultra has someone being reduced to ash, can Glacius freeze/shatter someone? Obviously this isn’t Mortal Kombat but old Killer Instinct had some pretty gruesome finishers.

  2. If ultimates are well received would you consider doing retro ultimates?
    Such as turret head Fulgore, TJ’s screen slamming attack, Elephant drop Maya, Frog Stomp Orchid, Absorption Glacius, etc.

  3. Going along with the last question, would you consider alternate ultimates?

  4. What made you guys finally break down and make ultimates?

  5. What was the hardest part of designing ultimates?

  6. Is the yellow “ultra” flash that was shown at the start of Jago’s ulitmate the standard?
    Shago’s ultimate just goes into the finisher animation, Jago’s seems to have the animation of stage ultra or something before the ultimate actually starts. Is this intentional, if so will Shago’s be updated to reflect this new starting mechanic?

  7. Will every character have at least one ultimate? Guests and “remixes” included?

  8. Will ultimates be unlockables, paid content or simply an update that is applied instantly?

  9. "Shadow Jago is the only character in the game with an ultimate"
    Not really a question but that one-liner used to give me so much anxiety, thanks for that.


Will Orchid’s ultimate be the boob flash that causes the heart attack? Lol


Can we expect ultimate for every character to land on February, or will they be released gradually?

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Any new fight challenges, achievements, or icons linked to the Ultimates?


If no will we be able to pay for new ones kinda like the play of the game stuff in overwatch?

If yes can we use ki gold?

What are Ultimates, how do you do them, and when are they coming?

Ultimates: Check KI 1, 2, Gold

How to do them: Probably same as Shadow Jago’s

When: They said they’re coming in February. Not sure on who and how many


Haha! That was how I first heard of Killer Instinct. I was like what in the universe?! Then I headed to the arcade to see what all was going on. I’ve been hooked ever since. :slight_smile:

haha I came across that finisher by accident, Didnt know that even existed. Couldnt stop laughing when the opponents face looked at the screen then fell to the floor.

Will ultimates be tracked, a la the ‘no. of ultras performed’ stat in players’ data?

Id assume no, but Ultimates will not be skippable once input, kinda like Stage Ultras?

Would ARIA would have to be on her last body to perform an Ultimate on her?

And just thank you to the entire studio for their work on this game, truly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How violent can you get away with them being with a Teen Rating? And does the limited violence of a Teen rating lend itself to more creative and imaginative Ultimates?

Is there a chance with future updates for the stage to be visible during the Ultimate or is that basically impossible under the current code structure?


Can you provide the rollout schedule for all Ultimates if we’re not getting the whole roster’s Ultimates on the same day?

What is the method of unlocking them? Pay money? Pay KI Gold? Shadow points? Reach level 50? Does it vary from character to character?

Will any other content be coming with Ultimates if we’re buying them like skin packs or accessories or something along those lines?

What were some of the development hurdles in getting Ultimates in to the game that we might be unaware of and how we’re you able to overcome them?

In your opinion? Who has the best ultimate? The most brutal looking ultimate? The funniest ultimate?

When can we see more of them?

Is now too soon? :slight_smile:

Will ultimates roll out for characters per season or its an update for everyone?
Will Cinder be able to toast his victim into a pile of ash just like what happens on Aganos’ stage ultra?
PS.: That devastation isn’t gory at all.
There will be honorable mentions like classic ultimates?

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Seems like they shortened the startup.


Poor wulf :cry: