Ultimates are coming!


Did anyone notice how Aganos sorta floats on Fulgore’s stage when you use Jago’s Ultimate?


I’m new just joining the game since release, what is an ultimate? Thanks


Finishing moves triggered by inputting LP+LK during your first ultra while on your green life bar.

Only available to these characters right now. Shadow Jago also has one though his input for it is different.


dat frog stomping was funny not cruel lol. The frog afterall is your opponent, not an actual frog.


Thank you :grin:


Any reason they are PG and not like KI 1 N 2? I forgot they were called ultimates


Several reasons, but they’ve always been T-rated even back then. The best explanation I’ve seen is the devs wanted the new Ultimates to leave it questionable as to if they survived or not.
IMHO from a logic standpoint that makes a lot more sense than MK’s “pull out their entrails and get dismembered then they get patched up good as new for the next match” wtf-ery.
I know in KI 1 & 2 they were just flat-out fatality ripoffs, and corny ones at that. But now they’re a flashy animation sequence, and that’s ok too.


Yeah that makes sense especially in context of a story mode where they usually are seen conversing after a fight. Also another good reason is budget of course. It would cost a lot to animate every character getting dismembered, not to mention the complications of characters with a different anatomy.


They said during the KIWC panel that one of the next ultimates has some comic relief to it (or that it’s kind of funny), any idea which one?


If were to guess I’d say either Riptor or Kilgore.


I hope Kilgore’s is an homage to some of Fulgore’s classic ultimates/no mercy’s. Not exactly the same, but paying tribute.


I was thinking the same thing.

I hope so too, he’s got the gatling guns after all.


Its Kilgore, hence why he received an Ultimate over other veteran characters. (Im assuming, not saying it truly is or giving any info out) Just based on what Adam said… this is my assumption on his words.


I hope they overhaul Shago’s to fit with the new inputs, kinda feels weird having his act completely different… Though I wish they had just given everyone Shago’s inputs instead, its so much more smooth to go from combo right into the animation instead of starting the ultra with the flash of light then canceling it into an ultimate.


Kilgore blows bubbles out of his turret arms




Just kidding


Part of me thinks the reason for this change was so people wouldn’t get salty over a double ultra followed by an ultimate.


But this could be adjusted. Ultimate would be disabled after activating Ultra, so it would leave you the choice of either one


In all due respect. Why not give us a video demo pack that isn’t implied and see how it’s received or at least some videos and ask for feedback. Would you all like these (show the implied versions) or these (show us the Killer versions). Right now all I’m thinking is Killer Implied rather than Killer Instinct.