Ultimates are coming!


With the way these new ultimates are, I don’t mind having 15 only. @TempusChaoti


For such a weak zinger, too.


Sounds like a hint at what Spinal’s Ultimate will include… Or what I imagine his would have.


Looks like I hit a nerve. :sunglasses:

@rukizzel @IronFlame @REYNOSOFUA11 @Sasuke99I


Actually, I’m just here because all the cool people started commenting.


I’m not that cool haha! And the nerve thing was directed at isgreen.


I had to go through @xCrimsonLegendx’s activity to find this!


I know, the cool people comment was also directed at Adam as well.


I’m so cool that you try to avoid me out of nervousness lol it’s 'ight dood no need to be shy.


No idea why I was tagged in this thread but thank you for remembering me I guess?


For liking isgreen’s post [and also so you can see my response], tells me a lot so thank you too.


Oh I just thought it was a funny meme, I’m not picking a side in whatever conversation/ argument/ conflict you’re having.


good boy


Ah huh… well you know what try to be a good boy and not get a tad bit salty when a dev comments back at your comment.


I don’t think it hit a nerve, lol.

It’s just this thread has arisen once again. It lives. Long ago in a distant time, it was once alive. But, it died. Buried never to be seen again. But it lives once again!

And because I’m having fun:


OMG!!! The Rambo meme is god like!!!

Rambo may be my favorite movie and character of all time!

Dude I have 3 Rambo shirts and 2 action figures LOL

The dude is a legend and my 80s childhood hero! Im stealing this meme!


Aganos Ultimate!!


Get ready you heathens. You aren’t ready.


I have a new reason to play aganos…


General RAAM doesn’t fear a pile of rocks. He will make gravel out of you.