Ultimates are coming!

Check out the full blog here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/Ultimates



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Yo Thunder doing what he does best: dp stomping.

Also, Ultimates are free. Suck it, pessimists.

Looks like February is going to be the month where I only play Maya.

EDIT: Why tf does this post have so many likes lmao


15 characters huh… Hopefully my mains are in there…

At least we don’t have to pay :smiley:

Not that I was worried.

That stare down was amazing, kinda of get the feeling that omen will not be getting one though.


I imagine all characters are getting them, but for this month or so we’ll be getting 15. “At this time” is what gives me this feeling.


I have waited so long for this holy crap yes.

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First meme incoming:

Anywho, pretty awesome. I especially loved Ken Lob’s stance on the paid content issue. I was also a bit worried about how they would be executed and how it would affect gameplay, but this method of it being an Ultra cancel seems to eliminate that problem while at the same time not adding more inputs that could make things even more confusing.

Will Shago’s Ultimate be changed now to make all activations the same across the board? It would make sense to me.


Why not just announce which characters aren’t getting them right away? That way people get their disappointment out of the way instead of being frustrated as information gets released.


If you expected to pay for Ultimates and are happy you don’t have to, go buy yourself a Kilgore and support events in 2017.



…but I can’t. I already bought Kilgore. :confused:

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Wow! 15 ultimates at launch for free.

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My guess is that discussions are still going on on which characters they want to include.

Nope, there’s a first pack of five coming, not 15.


The Ultimate Master Pack includes fancy, fantastical, fierce finishers for five favorite fighters (holy alliteration, Batman!) and releases on February 14th


Well I took a look at the roster. There are only 15 characters from the original games so I guess that answers that.


The only conclusion I could draw. I think when it comes down to it though, everyone is getting an Ultimate eventually. Might just be really far down the line.

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You see, that was my thought too. We’ll have to see what happens.

That Thunder Ultimate is really awesome.

I just hope Cinder’s is also in the first 15 characters for Ultimates.

Can’t wait for Sabrewulf’s Ultimate!

As I understood, Tusk, Maya, Jago, TJ and Thunder will be in the first pack.


That was beast I can’t wait man

Great. IG i always love you.

Ultimates free, can we pay for the missing stages?

I wonder what happens when the opponent is taller than thunder.

Praying for Season 4 :slight_smile: