Ultimates are coming!


Oops lol


I cant believe Hisako got a Stage Ultra, Ultimate, and a remix character! LOL… they must really really love her over at the office!

She shouldn’t have received an Ultimate over Spinal…NO WAY


Hisako is cool but Mira getting one over Spinal? That is an outrage. First Cinder gets passed over and now Spinal? That’s just f’d up. Mira?? Why?


What is your source?


The in game move list. Go into training mode for each of the characters listed that we know has/is getting an Ultimate. You’ll find it.


Hisako is like, what Fulgore or Jago used to be before she got released. She’s a posterboy, er, girl. The Batman and Superman of Injustice, the Scorpion and Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat. It’s obvious she would get stuff.

I’m really glad Mira is getting an Ultimate though. Probably engulfs the enemy in bats.


Ok I was going by the Twitter hint that is the same people in the next two upcoming gold packs which would include Kan Ra and spinal


I’m happy that 3 of the characters I play are getting Ultimates in pack #3—Hisako, Wulf and Mira. I play some Kim Wu too, but she is the only that I regularly play that didn’t get one…yet


While I’d like to see Eyedol and Gargos have them, I know the longer we wait the better they’ll be.


Spinal & Kim Wu Aren’t getting ultimates?


Not as of yet.


[quote=“BloodfangAR, post:868, topic:18389, full:true”] Mira?? Why?

Mira is one of the only non-guest characters without a stage. She’s probably the most deserving of some extra love out of any character on the roster for that reason alone. There’s no objective way to determine who ‘deserves’ one more, but not even having a stage is pretty close.

Also I can imagine Spinal’s would involve skulls and bones somehow, but he already has a lot of skull-based effects on his moves, and skeletons in his background, so that theme is covered pretty well already visually, probably enough so to move him to the back of the line. Similar for Kan-Ra with his sand effects, and I’m saying that even though I wanted Kan-Ra and Spinal in this pack.


@SirRadG, It’s honestly more that I like the other characters in the pack but I am overly prejudiced against vampires. That’s probably more my salt factor and picking on her specifically, sorry. I’ve admitted before that while I usually despise vampires as lame and overrated as monsters in general. I’ve actually said Mira is probably the most well designed character of that trope I’ve ever played so kudos to the devs for finding a way for even her to be unique and interesting to me thanks to the blood metal magic gauntlet. So yeah I admit that I was mostly being petty.

That said I still consider her to be “Shadow Maya” as I count her among the remixed characters that are done well enough to be almost nothing like the original. I see her as “Maya is a monster hunter. What if she got turned by a Master vampire during a mission gone wrong? Don’t worry it’s not THE Maya though. This is her twin sister, Mira, who used to fight just like her but is now tragically the very monster she swore to fight.” If Shago and Omen are on the list though than so is she and she got more accessories than Shago, Omen, Kilgore, and Shinsako so far.

As for her ultimate potential being higher than Kan Ra or Spinal? Scythe uppercut, mist form to get to them, and vigorous drain them of their blood? Or something with the bats? Still already covered so I don’t fully understand that aspect of your argument.

All else: Yeah sorry I’m salty about none of my mains except Hisako getting an Ultimate (who’s like 3rd or 4th on the list, lol) and I’m prejudiced against Vampires. I can admit my flaws, lol.


Hmm, I wonder how far along they are with these ultimates if we already know who’s going to be in the third pack. 2nd pack still has until May to release so what’s holding them back I wonder?


They are 100% complete…they showed everyone of them to us at KIWC. they may touch up somethings before release… who knows…but they are DONE


I see, well in that case hopefully that time is used to polish and pretty up everything before release then. Can’t lie though I am a little jealous. Who’s are your favorites? Don’t have to go into detail just curious is all.


I dont really have a favorite since I wasnt able to see them all very well. Only Fulgores was shown on the big screen, the rest were sporadically done by players on the Dev consoles out in the front lobby were everyone was playing SHinsako. They weren’t broadcasted or anything… just randomly done if the winning player chose a character with an ULT and got lucky enough to pull one off.


Basically every time I played…


So if the ultimates are all complete as is the gold colours, bar the new character is there anything left to come?


LOL… your pretty good man! I wish we could have played a set or something.I just didnt want to lugg that fight-stick around anymore after the torture of Saturdays LCQs. OMG that was rough! I had a blast hanging with you and meeting you.
I cant wait for the next event!

FYI the stickers are looking good on “things” and the Raam skin looks way better than i thought it would once applied to a controller. Thanks for those!