Ultimates are coming!


The Hisakos are monsters too.

I’m guessing:


Aganos is confirmed part of the 5 in the Monster Pack. Therefore one of those is wrong.


I must have missed that, still I think those characters have a strong chance of being in there on their own.


Those are very possible too, especially since kilgore is getting one.


Guttermagic pulled off Tusk’s Ultimate during his set against Osomatsu (I may have butchered the name) and it was a pretty intense moment.


Intense? I’d say orgasmic :+1:


Going to have to agree with this.This is why I waa asking in a another post, if creating new animations, was expensive. Everytime I see an ultimate, I feel like I’m being manipulated. Ultimates= the McRibb. I do respect their efforts though.


It takes a significant amount of time, manpower, and of course money to make new animations so yes they are expensive.


I’d wager that these are hand animated and not mocapped.


Probably. I wager it to be pretty hard to mokap a velociraptor


Going based on the Definitive Edition videos, of course the animations take a long as HECK time to make


Based on the dev has 1:50 mark, I’d say the animations are hand drawn.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgB_Gf9nbws&t


Exactly. So imagine how long it takes to make these Ultimates


Ouch. I have to be honest, this burns a little.

I check my notifications for the first time in a few months and I find that the positive impact I intended to make in 2014 (when I first got involved with the community) was a pipe dream for someone as impulsive as I am. The truth is, you guys were all right about me. I have been a negative influence on an otherwise positive community.

One day I woke up and found that I wasn’t happy with KI anymore. I no longer got any satisfaction from the time I spent playing it. So I started to become critical of the game, saying things that I would have never said just a few months before. I realized that all I was ever doing was making people angry. So I took myself off the mailing list for the forums and finally, after two years, closed the Ultra-combo forum tab.

I was never going to announce that I was dropping the game. I didn’t want to be one of those people who open a thread hoping to get attention.

So there. I hope that clears some things up. This SHOULD be the last post I ever make on this website. Honestly, all I ever felt on these forums during Season 3 was anger. And the worst part?

I have absolutely no idea why.

RGL, out…


Ultimate pack 3
All confirmed by the game itself (look at finishing moves)


That’s Pack 2.

Look harder lol


I’ve been waiting ALLLLLLL DAY for y’all to find these. Finally had to give you a hint once one person noticed.


Mira’s getting one. No Spinal or Kan-Ra though :frowning:


[quote=“SirRadG, post:863, topic:18389”]
No Spinal[/quote]

I’m devastated.


Fixed it! :wink: