Ultimates are coming!


People is getting excited with that clone of Jago’s Ultimate? seriously… most of these Ultimates are so generic, and some are just a simple bundle of parts of their moveset, they’re not unique at all, except for Maya’s…

Fulgore could do a small combo, hit-stun the character, then lift it like grab+taunt by impaling it with the blade, and while it’s impaled he slowly opens the chest and then disintegrates the adversary with a point blank beam bigger than the normal one with full shadow meter, but not a Dragon Ball beam/Marvel vs Capcom size one, that would be a Fulgore-like Ultimate, impact doesn’t always mean more size.

Iron Galaxy, you should stop working on the Ultimates and do a montly/two monthly contest with your KI community to gather ideas and create better Ultimates, we vote for the next character, then we give you some ideas and finally you work on it.


Im kinda glad Orchid & Kim haven’t been in the style of combo / fulgore mimicking jago & are not getting an air jump and fireball ultimate

Keeps the mystery rich

However, Some seem pleased and that’s what matters…


Yes it did :smiley: I know alot of people keep talking bout how it’s like Jago’s cause he goes up in the air but unlike them, I wasn’t being specific, I wanted to reduce my opponent to dust with the reall HYPE-BEAM! I didn’t specify how. >: 3

Not only that but anyone notice the black sut and stuff on the ground, I have a feeling that’s what’s left of Omen XD


Thats a very, very bad idea if you wanted Ultimates, personally appealing or not, to come at any sort of reasonable pace. Even though the suggested Ultimate you have sounds cool.


Where’d you hear this from? Just curious


At the kiwc he was talking to someone​ on the podium but the mic caught what he was saying. Saying the 3rd pack is the monster pack and aganos was in it


So you want us to dictate to the Devs what we want really and not do anything else than that??


Generic is a hardly a criticism. Way too vague. I can look at the Rebel Endor costumes and say they look “generic”. Not a good argument.


I can confirm. I heard it on stream just after 1h 17min in. Rukari got caught by a live mic.


Its no secret, he didnt get caught saying anything. They were all revealed, we just cant say what they actually do in the ultimate. But Monsters is correct


Right, but Rukari confirmed Aganos is part of that Monster Pack. That’s what I was saying.


Can confirm :wink:


Who are the 5 monsters beside Aganos?


Unless it has already been revealed, my guess is that besides aganos, it will feature 4 of the following:

General Raam


Saving the best for last let’s go Monster pack.


Speaking of Ultimates, did anyone do one at the World Cup? All I saw was every time someone had the opportunity they just went into Ultra ender to get to the next match quickly, or they went for double ultra into teabag for the disrespect.


There were some during LCQ’s but for some reason the main stage console didn’t have them downloaded.


I think I have a good idea of what Aganos’s Ultimate will consist of:


I forgot what match it was, but I know someone did TJ’s


Well assumingly Cinder would have been in the Ultratech themed pack 2, if Riptor counts more as UT than monster then Cinder certainly does too.

I would also assume they probably won’t do one for a guest character. So it’s probably more likely down to:

Shin Hisako
And the unrevealed 29th Character