Ultimates are coming!


I just realized, within reason we can expect missiles as well.


Ooh, yes. This will be fun


I consider ultimate to be a core part of the games functionality.

If the player is more skilled, yet young unable to make the purchase etc… why should he be treated different.


Sadira, Aria, Kilgore … I can not believe it’s true, characters taking places from classic characters who deserve these Ultimates …

I have no words to describe my feelings now. I hope “disappointed” would be enough.


I asked but now is not the time for Ultimates.

That comes later.


I don’t know it could be the other character getting crushed by a giant door than Kilgore proceeding to NOT open it due to design flaws. Then he’d cry robot tears go home and use his chain gun operated arcade stick to ironically play KI


Gargos has a word too


But in all seriousness, they said that we’d get 15 Ultimates FOR NOW. Just wait and see


What’s bumming people out isn’t that all the characters won’t get ultimates eventually, but rather how long they’ll have to wait for that to happen. We did wait 3 years for them to finally start rolling out so how long would another batch outside of the 15 take to be confirmed? Even after the confirmed 15 we still only have 5 available at the moment because the others still aren’t finished yet so as much as I love the fact that ultimates are back it will still be a bitter pill to swallow if someone’s favorite character is going to be left behind with an unsure future as far as Ultimates are concerned.


So the next pack is the ultra pack and i heard rukari mention aganos is in the monsters pack. So im guessing thats pack 3

Sabrewulf, aganos, kan Ra, gargos and eyedol would be my guesses. Maybe spinal or hisako?


Wish we caught more—like when is S4? lol


Well they said they weren’t done with ki if we’re not, so there’s every chance


I’m at a loss for words


Wait how tf did the uploader get that footage? Was he at KIWC and they showed it off?


Any footage of riptors ultimate?


They only showed Fulgore’s Ultimate.


nothing yet


This is from the official KI YouTube channel.


It’s everything I’ve dreamed of! ; w ;


Looks like your wish came true bro. :+1:


I can’t wait to see Riptors! I hope Cinder and Glacius get it in the next one, and considering their reasons for choosing them I have a feeling it’s likely >: D