Ultimate Source Wave 1 Impressions/Feedback Thread

Hey everyone!

Now that the Wave 1 figures are now available for purchase, I wanted to set up this thread so they everyone can share their pictures, impressions, and feedback of the figures after you receive them so that others interested in them can see what other Community members think of them.

For those that weren’t aware, you can now purchase the Wave 1 figures here:


I was fortunate to receive each of the Wave 1 figures early so I was able to do an unboxing stream on the Official KI channel on release day and give my live feedback and reactions to the figures. If you’d like, you can watch the stream here:

Ultimate Source Wave 1 Unboxing: http://www.twitch.tv/killerinstinct/v/54636854

Until you have these figures in your possession, no amount of pictures or video will do them justice. I’m not an avid figure collector by any stretch but I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail that Ultimate Source put into the figures. They stay true to each character and represent each one to their in-game model in terms of size, texture, and detail.

I strongly encourage everyone to pick these figures up as soon as you can. If you are a fan of Killer Instinct then you will be a fan of the figures without question!

If anyone has any questions in regards to the figures themselves, I’ll be happy to answer as best as I can. Please keep any comments or questions in regards to shipping options, color 10s, etc in their appropriate thread.



I’ve got a Fulgore on the way, so I will share my impressions once I receive it!

I’m purchasing mine today. I haven’t supported IG since I got a shirt the first KI one. so ya, even tho aganos whiffed 2 hits of his new shadow ender animation, I have religious faith they’ll fix it.

Me too! I’m really excited! I want a Sabrewulf too eventually but I gotta make some money first.

Did they aveany way of releasing these at a retail?

OK, question for everybody that has a Fulgore.

Fulgore’s claws. In every “studio” picture that I see of him, they looks flawless. Straight as a rock, nicely separated and perfectly parallel to each other. I want this.

However, in every real picture or video that I’ve seen of it, the tip of the claws meet at the end, at a centric point, making them look like a single huge triangular blade thing. I despise this.

This is 1000% a deal breaker for me. Fulgore was the only fig I was planning to get out of all of them but this (coupled with the insane intl shipping) makes it an easy pass.

So just wanted to confirm with everybody, does this happen with your Fulgore as well? How soft are the blades? can you bend them?

I got the Shadow Jago LE figure because I got a discount and I liked Color 10.

I still can’t say if it was worth the hefty price, but it is definitely high quality and something that is awesome to look at and own.

buy it, jack the code and return it.

Edit Taken from the site:

Please carefully inspect your Killer Instinct Collectible Figure! By activating your Killer Instinct Collectible Figure unlock code, you acknowledge that your Killer Instinct Collectible Figure is in good condition when received and unboxed, and that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Once your code is activated your figure can not be returned.

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lol, awe man!

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I too have a Fulgore figure on the way. I will leave a mini review and maybe post a few pictures of everything here once it arrives.

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Will look forward to reading it I ordered Hisako and Wulf for my first budget, had to get my creepy crawlys lol. Haven’t decided what I will purchase next paycheck.

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Ouch for those that just wanted the colour, guess if the figure is in good nick you could sell it on Ebay and get most of your money back

wife gave an evil look when i suggested I wanted to get a few of the figures… hehe

She pointed out a couple fairly large model purchases i made last summer :stuck_out_tongue: hehee

oh well :slight_smile:

On a side note: the plastic they are made of, is a harder plastic right? Good for priming/repainting?



If you’re looking to repaint one, you might want to get a solution to wash the current paint off. There are a few points (ex. the ropes around Shago’s pant legs) where the primer could ruin the texture of that surface, and you wouldn’t be able to discern details.

If you have done any miniature war gaming, this could be pretty easy. Friend of mine strips and repaints his Tyranids every couple years.

Does anyone have any screenshots of all the new colors in-game? Not the ones IG posted.

I’d rather have those paintings :slight_smile:

As a wargamer and mid-level painter, I shudder at the thought of doing this. I already hate going back and patching up chipped areas, let alone making a project out of stripping and repainting an entire army!

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well…i did a repaint on this last xmas: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51sXO1BNhSL.SX355.jpg

I haven’t taken a pic of mine yet…should put it up in my cmon gallery i guess.

just primed right over it. the details on these models dont look that crazy or anything. I figured automotive primer right over it. (i’ve stripped metal models before but haven’t tried since dont repaint often - Orcus was the first)

right now, goal is to finish this: http://www.puttyandpaint.com/images/uploads/artistworks/5482/cache/shaet-4__sized_l.jpg and a sculpt of a new red dragon head for: http://orig02.deviantart.net/d746/f/2014/323/1/d/5_headed_dragon_statue_wip_by_fritofrito-d86quzh.jpg

(I dont like the red dragon - central head – resculpting one based on the D&D 3rd edition style art)

I got 1.5 -2 weeks before the twins are to arrive :slightly_smiling:

I was thinking of getting fulgore and repainting. Would probably freeze the joints though so it could no longer move.



The actual productions of the figures are vastly inferior to all of the pictures they showed off in the pre-production phase, if it wasn’t for the color 10 bonus I probably wouldn’t actually buy them for display pieces. I sure hope the actual Fulgore figures look somewhat decent because he’s one of the best looking ones of the lot.