Ultimate Source Figures - Nearing Launch!

Mid March is technically here, and Ultimate Source is getting ready to drop some pretty sweet figures on us. We’ve got our hands on some of these figures and want to give you a sneak peek.

Check out Fulgore here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/ultimate-source-figures-fulgore/
Check out Hisako here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/ultimate-toy-figures-hisako/
Check out Sabrewulf here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/ultimate-source-figures-sabrewulf/
Chec out Jago here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/ultimate-source-figures-jago/


Absolutely love that Color 10! Can’t wait to buy the figures!

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Awesome! The box looks great, figure looks great, and boy does Fulgore look good in a nice, gory red! I wasn’t planning on picking him up, but Fulgore might be the most iconic character from the game, and the color… hmm.

I’m really hoping we hear more about the rest of Wave Two soon, and that it won’t take long in between Waves, because I’m more than ready to sit Thunder on my desk at work!

What are these things priced at? Loving the Fulgore one especially and the Hisako one is nice, because, well…Hisako.

Afraid these things are not within my disposable income though…

Oh wow, that box and that figure look amazing. Like the color 10 as well.

Man I wish these weren’t so much! I know they’re very well made and I love the Shago one that I got, but I’m not sure I want to spend the dough to collect them all, even if I definitely want to collect them all.

ARG… So tempting!

I’m imagining a Pokemon/KI crossover packaged with Season 3, where you have to catch all 26/27 Killer Instinct characters in Ultratech branded Pokeballs, which essentially look like the Ghostbusters’ traps but with spikes and lasers all over them.

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Yeah I am definitely getting this one. Spinal too.


Shadow Jago was only about $34, so I expect about the same with these

I want Charcinder, TJ Squirttle and Pikajago!! :slightly_smiling:

Im no doubt getting Fulgore and Im going to try and get them all. I wish they would set up a bundle deal were you get a small discount for buying them all at one time.


That would be amazing

I’m very disappointed in you, you’ve got your elements all wrong…

It would totally be
Thunderchu (lightning),
HitmonTJ (fighting),
Jagotres (fire)
Glacicuno (Ice)
Fulgorlix (Steel)

I could go on, but at least match them up with their ingame elements!

Come to think of it, a KanRatrio (Kan-Ra/Dugtrio) meme would probably look hilarious. Get on that, KI photoshoppers!


Man, Cinderzard its fire!
Jago can fit as normal

Also, Geoganos its rock, and PidgeOmen its flying

When is the Kim Wu one!?

I need Jago Color 10! :smiley:

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Yay, more exclusives that most people won’t be able to get due to a limited run/selection… Yay… sigh and grumble :expressionless:

It’s my firm belief that content, once released, should be available to everyone, for as long as the game itself lasts. In other words, don’t stop making figurines. :wink:

Very cool! Definitely on top of my want list for wave one!

Nowhere in that article does it state that Fulgore is going to be a limited edition, unlike Shadow Jago.


These figures aren’t being limited

I hope you’re right. Even if you are though, it doesn’t change the fact that Shadow Jago was a limited run and that means that a great number of people who want all of the colors for all the released figurine’s characters may not be able to, since they already missed that particular opportunity. In other words, it may already be too late, unless they decide to bring Shago’s figurine back into production.

I 100% am.

Now, that’s not to say that these AREN’T going to be; just that the article does not mention it and the box does not signify it is a limited edition. But by definition, I am correct.

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