UA (censored) Quit KI

(For some reason, i cant put the word “Bass” in the title because it contains the word “aXX”)

Shocked that there isn’t a thread about this yet.

Dont know what there is to take from this, but i know my outlook on KI wont ever be the same.

Not that i put my entire enjoyment of the game on one persons shoulders, obviously, but I wont ever stop wondering why such a great player decided to stop.

One of the tweets that followed was “The game is no longer the same with which I fell in love. I’m always sad or angry to playing from the beginning of S3.”

I personally enjoy the gimmicks and additions of Season 3, but i also realize that those things take away a lot of situations that you typically see in other fighting games. I guess it’s all about preference.

I hope this game never dies. I have personal attachment to it. (not the franchise, but THIS GAME specifically). But on the other hand, I feel like we have plenty of signs that point to KI not lasting long. Maybe one day we can have a REAL, CIVILIZED discussion about the mechanics of this game, how they compare to other games, and what the pros and cons of them are, but for now, lets keep this about Bass.

I became a fan of Bass when he was making top 3’s, but not quite winning everything yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I followed him because of his “comeback” potential. In the games leading up to the top 8, it was a pretty standard pattern of putting people in the corner and not letting them out… But then… In the final games of tournaments, when it seemed he had 100% lost the match, he would pull some CRAZY maneuver and comeback from a near-impossible health deficit. The end of his matches always made me GASP in un-belief. The last one i can remember was his amazing EVO 2016 match against PaulB where he baited DP with teleport TWICE IN A ROW, then blocked the “PaulB special” to win the match, ALL from “danger” state.

After that, his “rough sets” series made me think he was poised to take 1st at every tournament of the season. But when it came down to tournament time, it was clear he wasn’t fully there mentally.

Bass’ skill hasn’t “gone” anywhere. I can tell he hasn’t “fallen off” at all. But i can understand that he needs to re-direct it to an area where he feels more comfortable. If he prefers SFV, i will happily watch him there. (He might even get me to try it if i like what i see). But until then, i will sit here with KI and expectantly watch what happens from these forums.

GG’s Bass, and Good luck with whatever is next!

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Most top players say this stuff at some point in thier careers. Most of them come back anyway. I genuinely hope good fortune and success to him.

I don’t know what game he’ll migrate too (watching Bass in Tekken 7 would be pretty cool). I just hope he doesn’t waste his time crapping on KI like other people did.

“Cya around… Big Bass!”


He’s probably demoralized not making top 8 plus his feelings towards s3, good luck to him in his future endeavors. Damn, guy just got an award too lol, I knew something was up judging by how he was talking on stage


He left once already.

Here is a riddle - how will he play sf5 sets when this game is in maintenance most of the time?


Bass is a guy who speaks with the devs. [quote=“ZDhome, post:1, topic:19577”]
plenty of signs that point to KI not lasting long

Are we ending? No season 4?

Come on bring him back. Let’s go.

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It sucks that bass is stepping away and I wish him all the best but don’t forget we will always have top new players. Just look at the KIWC. Who expected that level of greatness from storm. As for bass leaving this how no impact on the future of KI. I’m still hopeful for a S4. They devs have always stated if we keep playing and the game keeps selling they’ll keep giving us new content.


Well, it’s his choice. If he’s not having fun anymore, then he’s free to go play other games.

Best of luck to him. He’s been a huge part of the community, posting huge amounts of high level content for our enjoyment. I know I’d be happy to welcome him back with open arms.

My only regret is never getting to play him. I would’ve gone 0-10 for sure, but it would’ve been a great learning experience.


UA Bass has contributed a ton to KI with all the long YouTube sets he has posted. He’s a great competitor no doubt, and has generated a lot of hype tournament moments. I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does next - even if he quits fighting games to focus on Mega Man speed runs.

But with the hope that this thread can avoid turning into a “■■■■■ that guy” rant house, I think it’s probably disingenuous to blame the game for Bass’s leaving. At the end of S1 we lost Justin Wong and Grimmz and by the time Season 2 was over we had lost CDjr. Top players come and go. Let’s stick to wishing the guy a fond farewell rather than opening up yet another thread declaring the end of the game.


I haven’t seen any signs of the game “not lasting long”.

In fact recent events with the monetization of the game after 3 years of us begging for them to sell us more junk is a sign the game is doing well. The more money it makes, the more likely it is that the game will continue to be supported. I mean it doesn’t get much more clear than Adam saying during the Eyedol reveal that they literally will keep working on KI as long as we keep playing it.

As far as Bass I don’t really know the guy and that sucks he’s giving up, I guess he’s got his reasons but frankly if the game had stayed the exact same as it had since season one I think things would have gotten stale by now. I’ve kept playing this game for three years, emptying my wallet every time the devs ask me to because it keeps growing and expanding, because every time I come back there’s something cool and new. Characters are vibrant and different, they bring new play styles to the game that I didn’t think I’d see in KI, its all about the living breathing creature that is Killer Instinct.

I suppose some folks who are set in their ways can’t or won’t adapt with an ever growing and living game like KI and are more comfortable with a game that sticks to its roots and doesn’t bother to innovate and improve itself over time and that’s cool, I guess it could be annoying learning and trying to keep up but if you really love a game you roll with the punches and enjoy it regardless. I mean I’m a scrub and I’m still here, I just play because the game is fun as hell and its been my favorite fighter franchise since I was a teen in the 90s.


shucks. we’ll miss ya, bigguy.


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Uhhh… I did lol. He’s always been a strong player that studies the game constantly. You can see the evidence every time he critiques other forum members’ sets. I just don’t see him in tournaments often.

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You can probably ask for a set still. He says he enjoys the game casually, but he just wants to take a step back on the competitive side.

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Oh dip, that means I can be the worlds greatest spinal now (kidding, I’m actually awful with the bone man). In all seriousness, I think @UABass has earned himself a break/retirement from KI.

So you’re saying you expected him beforehand to go further than Nicky, rico and Thompson? That’s all I’m saying, clearly he’s always Been a top player but what he did what so impressive at the World Cup. I’m a big fan now. Those perfects too!

That’s a shame. I don’t agree with his reasons, but he was a great player and I wish him the best.

I told you guys he was gonna quit after KIWC…he stated it on his facebook page, and I got ripped by all his cronies for saying boohoo, you cant win em all.

Oh well… he did a lot for KI. Now its time for someone else to move up.

To be honest, a few select few (like 5 of you) may notice that I take a lot of “breaks”. from Killer Instinct.
I agree that Season 3 is my least favorite of the few and has greatly deterred my as a player.

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While I’d be curious to know what it is about season 3 that he doesn’t like, and it makes me wonder if he’s had that conversation with Keits or anyone else on the IG staff, it’s obviously his choice and I wish him well.

I’d also like to hear this too, particularly when stacked against the stuff people didn’t like in S1 and S2. Flat shadow enders, hard knockdowns on combo breaks, unpunishable DPs, instinct cancelling combo breaks, fairly dominant S1 cast in S2, etc.

Given the whole history of the game, I can’t really tell what’s so repelling about S3 in particular. I really don’t think flipouts and staggers are that bad.


Wish him the best. One of the reasons I started playing KI. Glad I could meet him and hang out. Nice guy, and a great player. :thumbsup:

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