Tusk's stage

What did you guys think from the glimpse that we saw? I thought it was interesting. Almost like a mixture of Spinal’s background with Glacius. That’s just going off of the glimpse in the teaser, but I still dug it.

How about you?

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I thought it was spinals stage covered in snow wasnt it and some new thing here and there. My understanding was that every charater will have his own stage but like they said only 3 will have ‘‘brand new stages’’ the others will get recycled ones.

Since when did they say there were 3 “Brand new stages” while the rest of the roster get recycled ones?

I thought it was just “3 Stages in Season 3 period”

I thought it looked pretty cool.

Brandon Alexander posted a really good picture of the stage on twitter. If they reused assets making that stage, then they hid it REALLY well.

You are correct. I asked Rukari about alternate versions of stages, day/night, different season, shadow version… Any type of way that they could make a current stage in to someone else’s stage and his words were basically “if we were doing stuff like that, we would’ve told you in order to soften the blow of only 3 stages.”

So no, that’s Tusk’s stage, and the last one we’re getting for season 3 unless they decide to do some sort of community fund or classic stages as Ultra pack content or something along those lines, which I tend to doubt, because they haven’t given the slightest hint that this is something they’re considering.

We didn’t reuse assets. It’s an all-new stage.


Going slightly off topic but I would happily throw out cash for another community fund to get stages for everyone!

I’m sorry, the way I said that kind of implied that I thought you might have. I meant that as a way of saying I didn’t think assets were reused. The ship on the right looks nothing like the ship in Spinal’s stage, and the fact that both Glacius’ and Tusk’s stages have snow/ice is pretty much where the similarities end.

I think it’s an awesome, unique stage. You guys crushed it!!

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I think that Tusks’ stage and Arbiters’ stage are gorgeous. I love stages that take place outside with a lot of sunlight.

The stage gave me “the pale” kind of vibe, maybe Solstheim.
Give a like for Dovahkiin accessories!
Fus Ro … DAHH!!! anyone?


He looks far more Viking/Barbarian than I assumed he’d be. After all the chat about him being a modern outdoor survivor last year left me to believe that he wasn’t going to be familiar to his KI2 incarnation.

The tattoo looks way too detailed for it to not be seen during the fight, so I definitely believe he’ll be keeping the back turned pose while fighting.

I am grateful to see some tartan on him. The only way to really top me off is if he actually has a rough, low, Scottish accent.

I do however think his voice will be more Scandinavian, it would suit better.

Will we see a meteor shower (a la Tusk’s KI2 ultimate) in the stage during an ultra? Time will tell I guess.

Yup, the devs already said he would be the only back-facing character.

Oh, I remember there being a lot of talk about whether he should or not have his back facing the screen, buy I didn’t know if it was confirmed.

I just don’t know if that’s a sand desert or snow. Pretty sure it’s a desert.

I could swear Keits said he would be back facing. I’d even put money on it.

Also, like you said he has a fully detailed back tattoo and he originally was back-facing in KI2. It wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t that way. Unless they just wanted it completely different than what the community wanted, which isn’t like them.

Plot twist: tusk was spinals captain when he was alive.

I couldn’t say man. They probably did.

True, it does make sense.

I bet his full theme will be in the top 5 themes when it comes out. It sounds superb!
(Off topic: Jago’s theme is still my favorite to this day. I think all the love Mick Gordon put in this theme is beyond our comprehension.)

At first I thought Tusk wore a kilt and the design on his tattoos and greatsword would be Celtic, but looking closer they are more Viking-like and he’s actually wearing modern shorts/torn pants with a piece of kilt-like fabric hanging from the side - perhaps from Spinal’s kilt?

The Viking theme would make ALOT more sense considering his stage which has a very cold Norse feel to it rather than a Highland feel. Very Skyrim/Northrend look to it, tons of dead people lying around a ship that seems to be stuck in the ice.

Can’t help but think there definitely is a connection between Tusk and Spinal.

Yeah that’s what I noticed. It looked more like cargo shorts with a flannel shirt wrapped around it. I believe he also has the tooth necklace like Les Stroud as Adam said back in Early 2015 so, he is like Les Stroud afterall to me at least so far.