Tusk is not Tusk anymore (from what I saw)

I am really disappointed about him, he lost everything that was making what he was. The new Tusk is just a new guy with a big sword, he is more like a new character, not a returning one.

Iron Galaxy removed almost every of his character traits and I don’t know why, at least give him another name.

I don’t care about the new look, we can always have the classic one if the new one doesn’t please us.

He sounds like a young adult, the voice isn’t bad, but it doesn’t fit at all with him, bring back the old one or do something alike. Listen his voice is like listening Deadpool in french, you just don’t listen Deadpool in french…

No Backflip DP, you had the choice of giving him something unique and a f*cking badass looking DP, and you gave him something like Fulgore, Jago and Orchid instead.

Seems to be the same for the ender if we go by logic, I doubt you made two types of DP so the ender will look alike, so no backflip followed by a big sword hit ender.
No Frontflip/backflip ender either.

The ‘‘roundhouse’’ kick opener/linker/ender seems to be gone too, replace by the shoulder charge opener, another nice move replace by something even more lame and already in the game(Glacius).

But the most important thing about this moveset removed is that it was the main ‘‘DAHH’’ moveset, and the DAH is gone too. Removing this kind of character traits to me is like removing the Shoryuken voice call of Ryu when he is doing it, you just can’t, this is part of the character.

At least you kept in a certain way his up-and-down sword slash kinda linker. I don’t really understand why you are removing so much traits of a returning character, I’ll wait until I see more, but for now, big disappointment


Adam said he says DAH, we just haven’t heard it yet.

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He didn’t need this when Jago has the exact same thing. Besides, he has to have some weaknesses. Getting in happens to be one of them and it’s not exactly good balance when a character archetype like him who has fantastic damage output has such an easy way in. He has to earn it and his sword will obviously get you there.

Backstab is still in there. Web of Death is still there and looks to be a great go to tool.


-The backflip animation on his DP would look pretty silly with his ability to cancel the DP into another special.
But they could totally make him do a backflip on the ender version if they want too.

I always thought a dude with a giant sword doing a flying kick was the dumbest thing in a fighting game, and it deterred me from using that move despite it being Tusks best opener in KI2.

Yelling DAH is not a character trait that your want your character to have, I miss it too but new players would just think less of Tusk and KI if they saw him making those goofy noises. I mean, he’s no Terry Bogard.

I’m dumbfounded that you consider most of these things character traits. Examples of Tusks character traits were: Barbarian, Gladiator champion, Brave heroic warrior, little self centered, Giant sword, doesn’t know how to swing a sword properly, makes goofy noises.
I’m personally willing to sacrifice those last two in favor of Nordic/Celtic & Imortal.


Basically it’s not exactly like the original so you hate it.


It really caught my attention that his SRK animation and MP and FP are THE SAME for Arik´s Primal Rage 2 character (yes the unreleased one, the Sauron Avatar).

Is this somr kind of homage? @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @TheKeits

Well that’s a good news at least

No I didn’t say that, it’s not because you keep the base moveset of a character that he is exactly like the old one, I was expecting a poor comment like yours, this is the easy answer.

(I’m sorry I’m not used to the new system, I don’t know how to quote with the replay instead of creating multiples answers

Yes I completly agree, this is more what I meant, a backflip DP would be weird, but it would be more than welcome in a ender

The flying kick doesn’t have to keep the same range, you can have the range and the ability on the shoulder charge like now, but it look likes before, and it can hit the opponent at the same place.

Yes your point is good, but what I meant by character trait was more like what was making him fun to play, what makes you like him or not.
I don’t really care if he is a warrior or a barbarian or a viking or anything else, his background will not change his moveset and things around it, this is more what I meant

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The reason why he doesn’t have the kick is because it would make it too easy for him to get within range

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expecting a character to be like his previous iteration is the mistake you’re making. None of the originals have made it into the game without their moves being changed to fit the new system somehow. By your logic, we should be mad that Jago doesn’t get a green fireball, Orchid doesn’t have projectiles outside of Instinct, Maya’s DP doesn’t hit on the way down, Wulf doesn’t have tumbling opener etc.
Maybe you’ll realize when you play him for yourself, that he’s just a competitive as any other character because of what they did to his moveset.


It’s called evolving… you should do it too. This Tusk doing a back flip DP with that sword? Nah… would look stupid. What Tusk was and still it is a power house… A pure hard hitting character with insane range… which he still is. He looks great and fits with the new ages and balanced with the rest of the cast.

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. Are you saying he doesn’t look like he’s fun to use? Your opinion and all, but I think he looks insanely fun. The way Keits described ginseng like the exact character I want to play as.

Only things I’m not big on are his beard, hair and face. The hair has that clipping polygon look (just like Kim Wu’s bangs) where parts of hair look like Jagger shapes cutting in to one another.

I’m also guessing (hoping) that his beard is an accessory, because it lacks detail. It honestly looks like he’s wearing a disguise.

You add those to a face that otherwise has no blemishes, no lines, wrinkles, scars, definition or texture of any kind and it makes his whole head look like it could use another layer of polish.

That said, there’s still almost a month to go, so hopefully they can work that out a bit.

Other than that, his gameplay and the rest of his look are perfect for me. Wouldn’t change anything else.

Maybe you could post your comments to one of the many threads already talking about Tusk, instead if starting a whole new thread to try to inflate the importance of your post.

Sadly, I pretty much have to agree with @SithLordEDP.

Some of your complaints are just about personal taste. Others, frankly, are wrong. His voice does not sound at all like a young adult. I don’t know how you could even suggest that.

People are obsessed with “Dah!” But frankly it’s was dumb in 1996 and it would be even dumber now. It just wouldn’t fit. His backflip DP would have an insane range in this game and be OP. It was pretty unbelievable in KI2.

Tusk is not MORE different than other characters. Many of the characters are arguably even further from their original design. Jago doesn’t have anything like the crazy squeaky voice he used to have. Fulgore used to spin during his DP. Sabrewulf used to spin around for claw swipes and throw bats.

If you make the same game again you aren’t advancing anything. So some things have to change. If you need everything to be the same and you aren’t open to new characteristics or a new take on the characters then just play the old game.

And please, someone merge this into one of the other Tusk threads.

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the game has changed way too fast in my opinion. I may pay the tongue but im not hyped for a new KI game in the future anymore unless it’s being developed by PLAYTONIC (rareware) and/or NETHERREALM (midway). Different teams will just get us far way from what KI was supposed to be. I know MS loves to break the people’s heart with wrong decisions but im not giving you my bucks if you put random teams to develop KI games. Now you Tusk fans are feeling the same as we felt on Cinder.


Well sorry, I forget that was their own game and that they could not change the range of an attack to fit in the gameplay without being OP, sorry for that.

If you read everything, you will realise that thinking that I’m asking for the same Tusk as before, is the mistake you’re making.
I’m not even talking about game mechanics or OP stuff in my post, everything a talked is about the look of the move and how it’s made. It doesn’t changed a ■■■■ thing if the opener is a shoulder charge or a roundhouse kick, this is still a mid attack opening, but it looks more like him.

Evolving hein…so making the same ender than fulgore and jago is evolving? how is that? You’re telling that a huge multi hit backflip would look stupid, less than just a simple ‘‘normal’’ DP ender? Well ok…that are your taste, you already got it on some other characters in the game…take them, those who prefer tusk’s gameplay will take him…like in every fighting game.

No I’m not saying that he’s not looking fun to play, long story short, I’m just saying that he lost too much of his signatures moves, so by the same time he lost his personality.

For me, I judged a character (and his traits if you want) in a fighting by his ‘‘personnality’’ in-game.
This means of course the type of the character, the stance, the way he is moving, the quality and the beauty of his movelist and how he does them, the attitude of the character his he got some, and the voice and the sounds that the character makes in-game will complete and define him.

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Can’t agree more, Cinder is one of my biggest deception. This place is just filled by IG pure fans now (probably because the real KI fans are mostly gone now) that doesn’t even care about what was the old game and just saying…‘‘Nahh man, wouldn’t fit in the new mechanic’’…Or ‘‘things change man…you gotta adapt that was dumb before.’’ and ‘‘so you are saying that you want him exactly like the old one’’. That makes me laught everytime, these guys thinks that because we didn’t like something new that it’s because we gotta grew up and that we wants it 100% alike before.


Just like ALL the other original KI characters, they have been re-defined. Jago, Orchid, Maya, Riptor etc etc… Tusk is no different. If you expected anything less, then that’s on you.


When I thought about what Tusk was and what I’d’ve expected him to be if they remained faithful to his origins, I got something pretty close to Jago. It’s probably a good thing for character variety that they made him gigantic – kinda too gigantic for him to be doing wind kicks and laser sword a la classic Tusk – and came up with a very different direction for him.

I don’t know that this is true. It seems like his command dash and the options he has off of it are pretty good for moving in.