Too Good To Be True

No KI fight more entertaining than watching GG fight with his ego :stuck_out_tongue:

Could always face me, been a while since our last match and my neutral game makes you work.

Granted, I’m not the best player, but I’m sure I can help you gain insight with my type of play-style.

I played a FT4 against @GalacticGeek to try the “replay approach”. I will upload it later.

This is my suggestion:
-We watch the video
-You (Geek) give us your opinion, your analysis of the set.
-After that, we give you our analysis, to compare if there are differences

As result, you will be aware of more key events of the set, and you could learn from it and improve your gameplay


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@GalacticGeek Maybe you should do what I’m doing.

Hey guys, if I upload those 7 or matches could you help me? There was this one person using kan ra and they were just kicking my az and dancing around me dude, so lame.


Yep. We would.


Yep. If you are doing so, I would recommend to do it on another thread. I will create it

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Yeah, we would even with one upload. Don’t give up so easily. You have a forum that doesn’t want anyone to give up. We all want to help you improve, strive to get better. I’ve NEVER seen a forum as loving and open-armed as ours.

THIS, is the reason why people say we are the best FG Community. We all want people to unlock their true potential. That’s why it seems people are always leveling up fast. We are willing to help regardless.

Looking forward to those matches!

@Dayv0, make the thread universal. Call it…

The Replay and Analysis Thread. From there, people can upload sets they felt like they didn’t do well in, and the community can come and give feedback. :slight_smile:

Up to you though. :smiley:


300 mbps? I have 800kbps, damm

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Don’t want to belabor a point too much, but wanted to give just a few extra points:

Think about how chess players improve their game. Even though chess is a slow-paced game with minutes of thinking in between moves, players who are beginner and want to improve to intermediate must watch replays of their old games (or replays of better players). Simply playing a ton of games and trying to learn “on the fly” is not good enough to actually improve beyond a beginner.

Why is this? Because, during a replay, you do not have the stresses or constraints of a real match. You do not have a clock and an opponent waiting for your move. You can take the chess position to a computer program and get them to advise you on what the best move was. You can try different moves at key points, then play the rest of the match against the computer to see if you would have done better. Even if you are playing a “casual” chess game against an advanced player and he sees a move you do that’s bad, then explains why and lets you take it back (which is kind of the analogous situation to “casual sparring” matches in a fighting game), this is not enough to fully analyze the situation. The mindset of a person playing a real match is far different than the mindset of someone watching a video or reading a forum post.

If you have seen my analysis videos from Bass’s channel, you can see (I hope) the value of doing a replay analysis. I will literally pause the video at a crucial interaction (something you can’t do in a real KI match) and I will talk for like 1 minute about what is going on. I will explain the mindsets of both players. Then, sometimes I will even go into training mode and recreate the situation on stream and test different answers. None of this is possible by playing sparring matches.

Geek, I’ve watched a few of the humorous clips of bugs/punching people through 4 walls that you’ve posted in various threads over the last year or more, and even in those 15 second clips, I can identify some pretty serious areas where you could improve (at the time). I can promise you that the people you play against who beat you regularly don’t need to do research into your strategies to see this. They will play with you for 5 seconds, notice exactly these things that I noticed, and then use them against you without you even knowing it. And none of it is related to lag or bad execution … though sometimes that will affect a match, if you constantly blame your losses on that sort of thing, you will only hamper your ability to improve. Even if 100% of your matches are horribly laggy (which I highly doubt, or else you would not still be playing this game), there are things you can learn about your own play that aren’t related to lag, if you are willing to do a proper analysis, or have someone else do it for you.

But the answer, if you want to be more than just a beginner/intermediate player, is to just simply not hide your head in the ground and pretend every time you get hit it’s someone else’s fault, or the only way to improve is to run sets with people who you can beat. Even if you are willing to play a long set against a strong player and willing to open yourself up to the pain of losing (which nobody finds fun, trust me), and the strong player is willing to stop the match regularly and give you advice (which I imagine is, like, 1 or 2 total players in the entire KI scene), eventually there is only so much you can learn from doing that. And this has nothing to do with your preferred learning habits as a student.


Ok, I already uploaded the set.

I would really appreciate if @Sasuke99I @STORM179 and @Infilament could give their feedback(among others!)

Do not only analyse Geek, also analyse me please. I’m aware of some of my faults, but with your help, I will be aware of even more ^^

Oh, I’ll make you aware of your faults, all right. Don’t you worry about that.


Do you want a giant essay per player or a short but simple thoughts.

Whatever you feel comfortable, but the more information, the better

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I take offense that you called me a beginner/intermediate player, @Infilament. I am an above-average/advanced player, dagnabbit! :rage:

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Geek, please, share your thoughts about the set too

Here we go again. I’ll post my short thoughts for now but I’ll expand on it later. Just the key pointers.
@GalacticGeek You are too impatient. Block is an amazing tactic. 2-3 grabs hurt less than eating a full combo. You attempted some fancy stuff. Too much in fact. You could’ve killed once but instead went for shadow payload assault. It is a great move but don’t rely on it. Your execution is off as well. You dropped a lot of combos and meaties. Dayv0 went for Shadow Lighting strike a few times(whatever it is called) but it isn’t invincible so you could’ve beat it if you meatied properly.

@Dayv0 You did well. You went for the command grab and it worked. You capitalized on it. You used it as what it is. A command grab. Beat blocking opponents but also untechable. That’s good but it is also more than that. It is a battery command grab. It builds pips for Eyedol. You do not use it though. Same thing for teleport. You used it as a teleport. It is more than that. Use your pips and you will be amazing.

Incoming giant MLA essay tomorrow…

I did. Just now, in your other thread. :wink:

If I got the wrong thread, feel free to let me know and you can transpose it over here, where we can continue the discussion. Either/or works for me.

I knew about the execution. That’s because I was nervous.

As for blocking, I genuinely do believe my blocks are there, but they’re not fast enough. I’ll see what he’s doing and move my fingers for the block, but still get hit (in 1 instance early on, I actually let go, when I didn’t mean to do so). I think this is why I often think I did block, but didn’t.

I know how to block, but switching the block from between high and low is a weakness of mine, I think, since I get hit with overheads more often then I would like.