Thoughts or tips on getting away from combo assist?

Hello all,

Does anyone have any tips on getting away from Combo Assist? I’ve been hitting the lab pretty hard but I’m having trouble executing combos. I’m not very good and understand that it takes some practice, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips to help out. I’ve been going through the combos that Infil has listed, I can hit them kind of consistently in the lab. I’ve also been trying to practice against the computer on hard difficulty to get into the feel of playing without combo assist, but I don’t feel like I’m making progress.

Thanks for any advice, go Sadira

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Look, I love combo assist and wish it were around when I started learning. To be honest, I still actually use it so I don’t drop ultras.

That said, don’t try to do combos described in Infils guide, they are best in terms of utilizing said characters move-set to the fullest. It’s all well and good, but it does takes some skill to execute, especially with manuals.

My suggestion is use easy characters so that you can apply timing into your combos, both offline and online so you can adapt to frame/input delay. I used Thunder because of his straightforward moves and slower auto doubles. Once you familiarize some of the easier characters then jump to your main with some knowledge on timing and how to adjust to a faster pace, especially with Sadiras key-timed juggles.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, hopefully that helps.


Thanks TigerSpirit, I think that’s really good advice. Sadira does seem very fast paced. She is my favorite character to use, but you’re right, learning timing with a slower character will probably help.


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The simplest way might be just practicing combos straight up to learn timing and execution. For my 2 cents, I’d start with combos with heavy doubles and linkers, then go to medium doubles and linkers and finally lights. Heavies will offer you the most time inbetween inputs and will allow you a little breathing room to get your next move out.

As you’re doing that, try to get yourself comfortable with motion and button presses for your linkers, specials, manuals (eventually) and enders.

And lastly, this isn’t something that is ever really ‘mastered.’ Every player has to continually practice timing and execution.


Learn your fireball movements (down, down/forward, forward & down, down/back, back). Get to where you can do them repeatedly over & over & over. The majority of combos in the game simply require you to alternate between a fireball movement and a button press, so if you can get that down well you’ve done half the work.


Hi @LaughingElefant ! You ran into and over my Mira in Shadow Survival! That’s one way to meet someone :smile:

I’m rather new to the game as well, so take my advice with a grain of salt so to speak, but from what I’ve noticed is that KI seems to have a time buffer for inputting motions when building combos, so it might help to enter commands for moves a little earlier than normally.

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Hey @anon54587717! Sorry about that, I like playing Shadow Survival a lot. I noticed the same thing, being able to input the next linker or ender during an autodouble is very useful. As WrathofFulgor and TigerSpirit both mentioned, it’s getting the motions down and the timing right. Gotta keep practicing!

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Absolutely, practice makes perfect.

And no worries, it’s always good to give one’s all when fighting, even against shadows. I just thought it was interesting that my shadow would appear in shadow survival for other people here in the forum.

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[quote=“WindyVane, post:8, topic:16809”]
Absolutely, practice makes perfect.
[/quote]Practice makes better. There is no such thing as perfect. :wink:


Start learning combos using only heavies autodobles and medium linkers. Then try medium autodobles, then light autodobles. Then you can try too mixup the strengths and learn manuals.

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Thanks FarxKI, SneerfulWater had similar advice, I will start doing this to get more comfortable. Thanks!

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Go to lab and start a combo doing a special move. Eg, QCF + HP, HP, QCB + HK. There you have a combo with Sadira. It has opener /the very special move you used), it has “the middle” using the heavies autodoubles that make it a combo (if not is opener ender sequence which you can always break with heavies) and the the ender to cash out the potential damage from your last hits to guarantee your overall damage.

Imagine it like a sandwich, you have there the bread, the middle (meat or whatever you like) and the bread in the top. Then this is the important thing: in the middle you can put linkers, autodoubles, manuals and shadows.
With this in mind you have first to practice your character’s normals and special moves. Once you have this you can start using a special move to confirm the opener for the combo and anything else and finish it with the enders. I suggest you check the openers and enders and try experimenting in the middle.
In order to extend the original combo I wrote take this for instance:


Or use a shadow in the middle

QCF+HP, QCF + PP (shadow), MK, QCB + MK, QCB+KK (shadow ender, more damage).

I would like a Sadira player to confirm the combos but I’m pretty sure they work.

key: QCF (quarter circle foward or foward U) , QCB (quarter circle back), L, M, H (light, medium, heavy), P or K (punches or kicks). PP or KK (two punches or kicks at the same time).

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Always best to start with “The Golden Path.” Opener -> double -> linker -> double -> ender.
I suggest practicing this with your easiest to execute opener, linker and ender with heavy doubles only first. Then do a medium double only combo, then a light only combo in this format. Once you’ve got that down, try different openers, linkers, enders. Then progress to incorporating manuels in the combo. Finally, try “linking” two short combos together with a reset/flipout.
At this point, for Sadira, things get a little more complex, as she does a lot of air combos. I can only speculate as to the best way to practice these.

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Just kidding though. Lol

Best thing to do is get used to the motions of the commands themselves. Practice consistently and get all the motions in muscle memory. It will help a bunch :smile:

When I was learnin combos back in Season 1, and a teensie bit of season 2, I learned that practicing manuals is also a great way to wrap your head around the timing of linkers and auto-doubles.

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Thanks a bunch MaruMDQ! I feel like I have a decent understanding of the combo structure, I can do combos with CA on and place L/M/H in different places to throw off the defense, I’m just having trouble getting timing and things right.

I think you’re absolutely right though that that I practice what you mentioned specifically with CA it will help immensely, thanks again for the advice!


I have. But I’ve also dropped them when I needed them to work, I’ve also seen you drop them… lol

I’m lazy dude, don’t yell at me. Plus when’s the last time you saw me drop and Ultra?

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Not in a while, because you been ducking my Kim and Mira :wink:

I’m down for some Sadira v Kim action :smiling_imp:

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Walks away

I’m not the pressure type.