This character is a ton of fun

Just scratching the surface of what she can do, and I’m sure the pros will come up with absolutely filthy setups with her but this character is awesome to play with…easy to learn, great animations, tons of mixups, fun moves. Bravo, IG.


I was pretty skeptical about her at first. After I got my hands on her, God damn is she fun to play as! Lil bit of difficulty in her but I’ll manage.

I would have to agree. While I still admittedly was hoping for a different samurai character, Shin-Hisako’s awesome and she great colors to. She is a blast to play.

Can we all agree we should give the benefit of the doubt to IG from now on please?


She’s great but… only furry costumes? Sonic Fox would be proud


I still hate her. I have been playing with her and im still Disapointed.

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Lovin her right now! Her DP is godlike! She’s a lot like a season 1 character to me. Straight forward does a ton of damage. Knocked it outta the park with this one IG!!

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Also…I forgot to add…THAT ULTRA ENDER. Definitely the best in the game.

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Her DP really lacks, it will trade with lot of attacks, like maya’s daggers, so you can’t use it as a wake up vs her

Does that apply to her Shadow DP as well?

Should I really buy her?

This character took me from not touching ranked for months to fighting my way to Killer in the course of a day. And I really don’t like playing ranked.

She’s worth every penny.

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I’m enjoying her so far, was in the lab seeing what she can do. I’m definitely going to learn her

Edit: her rekka cancel thing is so fun

Still haven’t tested her out, but isn’t her heavy DP fully invulnerable on startup?

She’s really cool and I like her, but I just can not play her.

That’s how I feel about Sadira.
I love her entire theme, her aesthetics, her story etc., but I am so bad at playing as her. Her gameplay style is not for me, but I still think she’s a really cool character, so it kinda saddens me that I have so much trouble with her.

I havent checked in the lab but i tried to no avail to use it as a wake up vs Maya i ate daggers everytime.

That said she has the amazing Shadow Spirit Slice, it does almost no damage but is basically a full screen lightning fast opener, although it travels horizantally so it can’t go through fireballs, but will k.o. Gargos minions.

And the Shadow Air On Ryo Zan will go through Glacius Hail and Kanra’s Swarms like slicing butter, she’s amazing.

It does 9% as a raw opener and at least in the lab it low-profiles under Jago’s non-shadow fireballs with enough distance.

That’s how I feel about a lot of characters in this game, I could never hope to play any of them at any sort of competent level. I’d love to play Jago since his Ultimate and color 11 are sick, but I dropped him at the end of Season 2 because I could never hope to reach the level of someone like Grimmmz when he was playing Jago.

The timing on her juggles is pretty tight and I wouldn’t say that I’m getting a lot of crazy-ish stuff, but I’m loving the simple stuff I’m finding using toward MP after medium spirit slice.

So far I’ve been able to land medium spirit slice, medium DP, medium DP, t-MP, shadow Shin ORZ. Not a big deal and it doesn’t cash out of course, but there’s so much stuff that you feel like you can do and that always feels fun.

Like medium spirit slice, t-MP, medium air Shin ORZ, Shadow Shin ORZ, Shadow DP (an absolute waste of meter at 16%) or how many DPs can I hit off of Shadow slice? Three, and the last one can cash out if it’s a shadow DP (for a whopping 19% lol).

But yeah, between trying to figure out what she can juggle with to canceling first or second hit SORZ in to specials, her cross ups and all the wacky spirit orb stuff, she just feels loaded with potential. I can’t wait to see what players that are much better than me can come up with! :slight_smile:

In the mean time…