The Things People Say

What are some of the things you have heard people say to you online while playing Killer Instinct before, during, or after a match (the good, the bad, the funny, and/or even the really weird)? Share your experiences!

I played a really good Fulgore playerin ranked leagues the other day that beat me from here to Sunday and right after their win, I very clearly hear through the mic, “hey mom! I won!” from what sounded like a 10-yr. old kid. Words can’t express how I felt after hearing that… :grimacing:


Well the guy I was just playing just heard some really nasty stuff. Fact: Sick, tired, hung over, and rusty is a combination that leads to bad moods, and bad moods strip a person of their politeness.

Wasn’t even trying to talk to him, of course. I just wanted to vent my frustrations to myself but for some asinine reason the mic in KI is on by default, and I just reinstalled windows…

Well I beat a guy with Gargos and he told me to kill myself.


Some guy called me trash once after I beat him, I then asked him that if he got beat by trash then what does that make him. He didn’t respond back.


I once had a guy say I was trolling him by playing Raam because he thought I was intentionally picking a weak low tier character to make fun of him.


"You’re a scrub. All you do is block and then punish me. "


After a win I was told “I hope your parents die” I am glad it was me playing and not my son.


I had guy call me trash and threaten to report me on XBL because I zoned him with Mira’s light bats, he was playing Glacius btw lol

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I had one guy rapping in French for a whole match and another one maniacally laughing each time he landed a combo.

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I remember being told that I was playing the game wrong because I kept zoning the guy out using Glacius. The longer the match went, the saltier he got until he was calling me every racist, homophobic, all around not nice word he could think of. The weird part was that there was yelling a woman yelling at him in the background while a baby was crying. Just a weird scene all around. I think it was actually the last match I played online.

I had a guy playing as gargos and he kept referring to himself as ‘DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM’. I’m guessing he ment dr doom, but he was a great guy, very polite. Maybe supervilllans aren’t so bad after all…


After beating a kid pretty bad about 8 matches. ( But not beating him arrogantly or anything, actually kind of holding back, giving him opportunities. Even though he taunted and Tbagged out of spite or loosing)
I had a kid say…

“You are really good… at Pooping!”

I LOL’d at that one.


Was playing Ranked when I came across a TJ. We were both roughly in the danger zone. I grabbed him as Aganos and it killed him, filling his instinct as well. So he got up
And we couldn’t do anything except move, jump dash and taunt.
We sit there for a few minutes laughing and having fun jumping around In this broken environment. He messages me after 5 mins or so and tells me "that’s what you get for taunting"
We then sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for the other player to leave. Eventually I left.
We played some sets later and when I spanked him around for a while so I said “that’s what you get for taunting” :grin:

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This is almost a list on why I play single player games, and why I love shadow lords mode. :slight_smile:


Please don’t take this as a sample of how online play ALWAYS is, it’s just a lot of the bad moments leave bigger impressions, and are therefore more memorable. It’s also why you see more negative stories in the news and media than you do positive ones. Just because it seems that way doesn’t mean it actually is.

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Ah the typical “I forgot to check my settings” situation. Ah yes, I’ve been there.

Somebody once decided to send me a beautiful ascii art penis.

Also there was this guy playing Riptor and I just couldn’t figure out his play style at all so I got beat pretty harshly, when I left he sent me a message saying “har har, hee hee ho ho, bye!”

I suggested he should lay off the coffee.

Meh. I barely get any messages. Just rage quits and some teabags here and there.

I remember playing you in an exhibition set and after winning with multiple characters, you said “You don’t belong here, you know where you belong, in ranked!” Then I heard you get salty about me picking thunder and you said “Now you’re gonna teach me how to play thunder?” “Pick on someone your own size” LOL classic. GGS “Top Aganos”

Ah almost forgot, you were ranting about etiquette mid match as well, something along the lines of "You’re not supposed to taunt it’s rude, or “please don’t walk forward after a win, it’s rude etc etc”

Needless to say I was thoroughly amused and baffled at the same time. Thanks for creating this thread and reminding me.