The Sharkman Character

Can we get some version of this guy added to the game as the final DLC character before the team begins work on KI4?

He’s been the one character this board has been almost unanimously onboard with adding since 2013! He appeared on the official survey, so we know the team has been listening. It would be an awesome “last hurrah!”

My concept is below, but this community will be happy with any version, as long as its a Sharkman! Thanks!


I wouldn’t call the support even “almost” unanimous, but that’s okay. I’m at the point right now where any character would be better than no character. Still, IG hasn’t worked on this game for well over a year now, so I can’t imagine any more characters will be in the offing.

I just hope that someone is working on a new game. I’d love to see KI4 announced at the X18 in November. That would be AMAZING. It’s probably the game I’m looking forward to more than any other in terms of MS IPs.

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Its an tournament in November?

Someone created a Sharkman thread and it wasn’t me?! :wink:

Not only does it drive me nuts that KI’s roster is at the wonky number of 29, I’ve wanted Sharkman from Day 1 too! :shark::blue_heart:

Speaking of the Survey, it never was mentioned what was done with its results, but we can’t forget that Sharkman DID had a proposed name: Alex. Why Alex? No clue, but I’m sure there’s some sort of context behind the idea. (Maybe “Alex” was Sharkman’s human name before the transformation, like “Ben” is to Cinder?)

By the way, I can finally e-high five the guy who made that awesome CG KI Sharkman fan art that’s been floating around the internet for the longest time- I love the detail of Carcharodon (Especially the collar & shark jaws on his hip!), and the model looks awesome! :blue_heart::shark::blue_heart:

My only three caveats (and please don’t let them detract from your awesome art!!!) would be…

That Sharkman wouldn’t NEED a weapon- Sharkman’s all jaws & claws! But if he did, I’d imagine that it’d be sea-weathered like your spear-thing.
My version of the Sharkman is a hammerhead shark (for bonus bizarre-creature weirdness points), but if he was to be based on a great white shark, your version is spot-on!
I’d like to see more distinct colors in whatever Sharkman eventually develops into (Like you think of Sabrewulf Blue, Riptor Orange, Orchid Green, etc.), but if you’re able, I’d LOVE to see some of your color variant ideas for Sharkman!

Seriously, I’m still ULTRA-HYPED at the mere idea of a brutally jawesome Sharkman to turn the tides in Killer Instinct, but between the mysterious survey, and the notes from @KRAKENJIMMY that he’d like to “Catch up” with things the KI Crew would’ve liked to do, but had to shelve because the game was in a wonky state in early 2018, as well as taking questions for a NEW Q&A:

Speaking of Q&A stuff, since Kilgore & Shin Hisako concept art was never inserted into the game, I wonder if they’d post some to the forums/main site if we asked nicely enough? :thinking:

In summation, Sharkman could very well be the “New Sabrewulf or Riptor.” A pair of savage beastly monsters that lured me towards KI in the first place, and it’d be beyond fantastic if the new KI crew put their creativity to the test by making a brand-new creaturey-monster in the form of a terror from the deep.

FIGHT ON! :shark::shark::shark::shark:


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