New Q&A, Please? (We hear you all, we really do)

So, it’s been about a month and a half since it was mentioned that the last patch was all about finding & fixing broken stuff, and it was implied that there’s a backlog of stuff that the KI Krew wanted to catch up on since the things cleared up from the weird problems from early this year… How about that Q&A? :star_struck: @KRAKENJIMMY @snickerdoodle

It’s been quite a while since the last legendary December 2016 Q&A, and it’s be awesome to get some new insights regarding what’s going on, and what may be next. Oh, and I whipped up a spicy meme to bribe you guys just in case I had to:

Thanks for all of your hard work KI Team! I hope to hear from you soon! :purple_heart::skull::green_heart:



I’d love to see a Q&A as well! As I mentioned in the other thread, I’m not sure what they’d talk about or what questions they’d be willing to answer, but if they do decide to do another Q&A, I’d love to know a few things:

-Whatever became of the unused ideas from the season 3 survey, like a Djinn, a lovecraftian character, etc? Could those ever come to this game, could they be used for a possible sequel?

-Is there anything else in store for this game? Anything new to look forward to? Shadowlords was a mode created with expansion in mind, so could we possibly see anything else in this regard? I’d love that, but I’m also asking because I feel like there are still some out there holding out hope for a 4th season. Maybe some real, definitive finality on that would help?

-Do you have anything you could possibly tell us or hint at regarding the chances of a sequel? Can you confirm that nothing is currently in development for this franchise?

-What types of work are you currently focusing on with this current game? Any quality of life fixes or updates that we might look out for in the future?

-What’s something that you really wanted to include in this game, but couldn’t, either due to time or monetary constraints? Any modes, characters, story elements, cutscenes, or gameplay mechanics that wound up on the cutting room floor?

-What would it take on the fans part to get a sequel to this game?

-Did this game meet MS’ expectations? Any chance you could provide an estimate of the current game’s total sales and how good that number looks versus the amount of time and money invested over the three plus seasons?

-Given how much of an uphill climb this game had from the beginning, do you think it’s well positioned now to become an MS franchise going forward? Something fans can rely on as MS’ fighting game the way fans rely on stuff like Halo, Gears and Forza? Do you think MS would be willing to invest more in the franchise going forward?

-If there’s no season 4 planned at this point, can you tell us if that was ever in the cards? What might that have looked like?

-If there were any more guests to be added to this game, or simply guests you’d like to see in a theoretical future installment, who would they be and why? Just for me here, but do you think it’d ever be possible to see Kain and Raziel from the Blood Omen / Soul Reaver games in a KI game?

-Anything else you’d like to tell us about the current state of KI or the future?